My First Quote!

"Life is often like a Poem; when you begin to perceive it, it ends. But the lucky thing is, every end is a new beginning!" - My First Quote Ever
"Life is too precious to be just hanging around in it, too good to be just sleeping through most of it, and too passionate to be just thinking about it...... So, I WRITE..." ~ Sana Rose

December 28, 2011

Goodbye Post!

Hello friends and Readers! 
This is a goodbye post in this blog. A week back, I decided to move to Wordpress to blog. And even my website may get a shift due to technical problems such as the wonderful speed of the internet connection!
So, you see, where to look for me? - Check it on the tab titled "Sana's New Blog". Okay?

So that's where I will be blogging. I already have two posts there, but again, sorry for the late notification, but it's not that much a problem! :D
Those who would like to continue the walk with me, join me there. It's something different from this blog, I admit. Or rather say, I promise. :) And I am talking about planned things and of course, thinking new and more. :)

So here you go!

I hope to see you all there! :)

Love Always...

December 8, 2011

Convalescence... And +ve Thinking!

...Yeah, isn't it? I could say I am convalescing if I had been sick. But writer's block hasn't been grouped under any diseases or disorders so far. But, this is something I am saying to convince myself that I will get back to writing soon. But this has been pretty bad. Let me put it out frankly. I haven't been writing the novels at all. Today, I wrote a paragraph of the new novel I had begun. But, how huge a thing is that? Not really much work. But it took some effort. Because may be, convalescence is tougher than the illness. 

Anyway, I have been promising myself to be good to myself and yesterday, just out of the blue, I took out a new plan. Positive Thinking Days. Starting from yesterday, I would update my status with a positive thought about myself, my life or situation or whatever that comes to my mind (That's what they want anyway).

So yesterday, I wrote:

Positive Thinking : Day 1:
I Love Being A Writer. And A Promising One At That. :)

And today, I updated:

Positive Thinking : Day 2:
I Pray For Those Who Left Me To Have A Great Life That Was Worth Leaving Me. 
Because, A Great Life Is What My Freedom Gave Me. ;) :) 

So that was for today. I don't know where these thoughts are coming from. It is rather on the spot. And kinda instant and unplanned. May be it's really right out from my heart. From within me, from my greatest aspirations to be inspiring. Anyway, there is one thing I discovered not long ago and not too late. I should have started doing this earlier. But I am glad that I started it at least now. 
I began this just out of the blue. Without a plan and nothing really on my mind. Maybe I was trying to convince myself that I was going to be downright positive about everything.
(Well, there is a reason and story behind that, not a long story, but just a short incident. My guy asked me why I was looking at everything negatively. Okay, it was about something silly. About the national ID card, for which I hadn't applied and I admit I am too lazy to get hold of an application form. And I just blabbed on know...what...blah blah... by the time it can be used for something, we won't be anymore... like that. And he got irate.)
So, maybe it was the thought in my subconscious.
Then I thought, why not make it a routine? A good thought or belief to end the day with? And the result is, I begin the day thinking what'll be tonight's positive thought. And hence, the whole day is moving without any disturbance. :) Try that! ♥
So, now it's time to retire. Tomorrow, I will go home and it's going to be a good weekend. Totally positive! Yes? :D
Goodnight from one B+ve bloodgroupie!

November 24, 2011

Eons Ago...

So, eons ago, there used to be a poetess who loved to talk so many things that didn't call for much sense but it was her way of saying hi to you people. And in between that, she did throw in some thoughts, dreams and worries. And pictures, too. And I don't know why it took such a long time for her to come back and say hi again after October 8th.

God! It seems so long ago that I was here, on this page, in my blog. One more week, and it would be two months since I visited my blog and wrote something. And it has been long since I wrote anything, too. It's yesterday that I wrote a poem after a long time. And I wrote some sentences of the novel today. At least I am trying before it's too late. But this was not under my plan. In the past one month, I had been feeling estranged from writing. That's strange and not desired from me, I know. But it wasn't like I had a choice.

Anyway, this is just a hi. To let you know I am up and running again. ell, slowly to restart, but I am, and that is what matters. The heart has been having something heavy wedged between its strings... And I still have no idea how to take it out without hurting, or just keep it there without infecting my heart. Either way, it hurts.
So, while I was working on it, my mind was off writing and so many other priorities. But may be I will swing back to the calm and just face it.

One thing is for sure. Each of our heart is incomplete. And it continues to be so until it meets the missing pieces that complete it in time and space and existence. An incomplete heart in another physique, another dimension, another space occupied, another person to pinpoint the explanation. And the truth is that, you may never meet the person, you may never see him/her, you may never touch them. But the bond will exist and persist, no matter where life takes you. No one would ever know... And that person is your soul mate.

Goodnight everyone...

"I Do Not Want To Be A Doctor Who Writes, But I Want To Be A Writer Who Heals..." - Sana Rose