My First Quote!

"Life is often like a Poem; when you begin to perceive it, it ends. But the lucky thing is, every end is a new beginning!" - My First Quote Ever
"Life is too precious to be just hanging around in it, too good to be just sleeping through most of it, and too passionate to be just thinking about it...... So, I WRITE..." ~ Sana Rose

January 29, 2011

Damn My Artist's Eye! I'm Disappointed...

Hi pals... :)

After a long time... :) I wasn't really getting what to share. Today I have something to share. :)
A cover designer has been assigned for The Torrent from My Soul. And Michal did a speedy work and sent me the front cover design. 
While some think it's okay, I don't feel so. It can be a lot better than that, I believe. And I don't like the white background of the cover design. 
So I am going to make a little work myself and see how it looks and write out to make those changes in the cover. 

The cover I got now from the designer is this. But I feel it became a little bit too simple. So tell me what you think. :)

Well, this is it. Just tell me or just vote it here... The only thing I liked in this cover is that picture. Hope you guys will be frank and tell me what you expect in a book. :)
A cover is a crucial element and I am very concerned about it. :)

January 16, 2011

Wondering Why It's Taking Time...

Though I had said I will be back after the exams, I was kinda lagging, I know. There's something when you are not writing. Throughout the exams, I wrote about 18 poems, and now I'm stuck.
I am not writing a word. Guess I wasted my Exam time a bit - not reading a novel, and not studying either.

Some way or other, it will come out fine. Tomorrow onwards, I need to do a few new things I haven't been doing for six months - well, try doing them - that's the most I dare to say.
I have to try to listen to the lectures, because that will sure help me during exam time - I wouldn't have to read much.

I am wondering why it's taking this much time to get back to writing. Hope I will, soon.
But there's a little blankness, emptiness I'm feeling right now.
But I wanted to share a few thoughts here, but I don't remember it now.
May be later...
Not feeling good. :(

"I Do Not Want To Be A Doctor Who Writes, But I Want To Be A Writer Who Heals..." - Sana Rose