My First Quote!

"Life is often like a Poem; when you begin to perceive it, it ends. But the lucky thing is, every end is a new beginning!" - My First Quote Ever
"Life is too precious to be just hanging around in it, too good to be just sleeping through most of it, and too passionate to be just thinking about it...... So, I WRITE..." ~ Sana Rose

March 27, 2011

It's All About Being Happy = Writing!

Hello dear friends,

How are things going on out there? ;) I am pretty much in Cloud Nine. :)
Came home yesterday for the weekend, slept quite well after a long time.
Yes, I felt good this morning.

May be so much of it owes to the novel I am writing... 
The last time I wrote it was in December, just before the Christmas Holidays. And then I was interrupted by the drab I-don't-know-a-thing exams and it just got blocked. Yeah, right there! 

I was angry, irritated and kinda depressed and disappointed. And I was totally free as the book was under cover designing, not even assigned and what, I don't know what to do with free time, especially during study holidays for exams. 
I wouldn't write because I had loads to study and I wouldn't study because I wasn't able to write as I was blocked.

During that time, though I wrote one and a half dozens of poems. And it will be in the next book, if God wills. Speaking of which, I have named the book "The Room of Mirrors : Reflections in Words".
And the book will contain 110 poems, including the section breaks and writer's block poems and Prelude and Epilogue. It was planned before this book was out.

Back to Fiction Writing. 
So that's it - I am writing it again, and it is going smoothly and I was surprised to realize that it was just a matter of starting it - restarting it. 
Writing it.

The rest of the story would move on its own... The story has a life of its own, I feel, as I write it sitting in the Pathology Lecture class. 
I go to where Selena is, where Rene and Pris goes to school and where Noah tries his best to win Selena back... I live the characters as I write them - maybe that is exactly what every writer does. I feel drawn to the charm of writing itself as I write...
And Noah - it is a character I adore, a man I love and admire through all his human imperfections.
Dr. Noah Sehnor - a man as large as life working hard to find his life.
The story goes with a well-drawn plot which divides the book into 3 parts. I made the plot and outlines during Christmas Vacation.
And it makes the writing a lot easier. And I enjoy it as much as reading a contemporary romance novel.

Part One is the present and yes, it is almost finished. Just 3 more chapters there.
Part Two is a flashback that takes the reader 15 years back to a story of some medical students. The section narrates a story of 5 years. 
Part Three is the conclusion to the novel, which rectifies the conflicts in Part one reasonably.

Now all I have to do is Write It. Sounds simple, doesn't it? 
Hope I will make it in the long run! :D

To talk about contemporary romance fiction, I just finished Eileen Goudge's The Second Silence.
A good book, I loved the writing and story. I would give it 4 stars. One star taken off because, it's clear that it's fiction. The ending seemed a bit too incredulous. :)
But then, that's fiction!

I hope I don't write it as too implausible as that.
Now I have jumped to the next book - I have discovered that I write well when I read well - a Nora Roberts' book that contains two of her classic novels. The book is named 'The Laws of Love'. 
And I guess I forgot the name of the novel I am reading now. :-/ May be I'm just a bit distracted, but I shall tell you soon about it. It's something about being lawless. 

OH YES! Now Got it - Lawless is the title itself! :D
I love her language - a classic touch is what it has. And the story takes us to distant time in the past... The hot Arizona Terrain, the sun and the horses, smell of blood and dust, Apache and Indians... :) A Classic Romance. Will share a thing or two about it after I finish it. :)

Meanwhile, let me work on my novel. I haven't settled on a title for the book, but I have in mind something that came from my gut instinct - Between Love and Love. Though some said it isn't as strong as the story, I simply trust my gut. But let's see what comes out when it is finished! :) That's the right way - to give it its time.

I shall share a few excerpts from it the next post onwards.
Let me go have my lunch now, something's burning inside!

Hunger-contraction Type 2! :O


P.S. Facebook says I am 60% Happy today and where's the rest 40%?
The only thing I liked about that post is this picture they had in it. :P
The thing is, I feel very happy and in peace with myself today since morning.
So, what I am saying is : Don't trust any application there - it's just a game - some people might believe it and find themselves a bit too much like what they say.
"Don't let things rule you. Rule things that come to rule you. So that includes Mood changes and depression and disappointments and all kinds of negative emotions."

© Sana Rose 2011

March 22, 2011

Have Found a LOT!

Hi Pals,

The last week has been hectic and I scarcely had time to relax. I guess, there's been a lot happening, and I have been digging out more and more links for my book's listing in various bookstores all over the world.

Like I would have known this would happen all the time... I really didn't know!
So some of it totally took me by surprise. It was just a dream once, to see my book listed in Barnes and Noble and Amazon.
Now I guess, I was chasing the dream always... :)

Feeling so good, you know... :) In an inexplicable sort of way!
The latest thing that surprised me was my book on

I was browsing there and writing to the customer care a query regarding how to get my new book in flipkart. Then I hit Send Email and reverted to search. And there my book is! I didn't know it was here... LOL!!

Anyway, they offer a 21% discount, so you might want to buy it yourself, rather than getting it from me. :) and free home delivery, so you could be sitting idly in your room when the book is brought home. 

Today, I was signing the first few copies that friends booked with me. And I took the pen to sign the copy for a young Nigerian friend. A thought struck me, as I wished that one day I would hold not-17 year old Chisom's book in my hand. I have to say that he is one great poet himself!

So there I wrote:
"If you can Aspire, one day you can Inspire..."

Sometimes, it is as simple as that, but this is one place and time when you realize, work is never simple. We have to earn the reward, no matter what.
It feels so good to realize things through experience. :)
But now this is enough dose for today... :D

Goodnight to all...

March 13, 2011

To Hold Another's Dream

As I Travelled, I Learnt:
To Hold One's Dream
Was A Dream Once...
I used to Aspire
And now I want to Inspire...
And let others know that
Dreams are just a step away -
And the step is just a matter of
Holding on to it and Trying...

To the Young Ones:
If I could,
There's a lot of you
Out there
Who can, as well...

© Sana Rose 2011

This is just something that came to my mind as I opened my Poetfreak account to write an announcement. :) Something I have been telling for a while, that's all...

March 12, 2011

Planning to Sign Copies :)

Hello guys!
I was just thinking of something as I received many requests from networking friends to send them signed copies.
Isn't it going to be fun? What's better than owning a copy? - Owning a signed copy is the answer! 
So are you in for it? :)
If yes, just contact me. Throw me a message here in the contact page. But it is going to be parked for sometime, until my homepage is correctly recorded in the DNS. Hopefully by the next weekend, it should be okay. But meanwhile, you can just drop a mail in my facebook profile and don't forget to include your address. :) 
As soon as a minimum of 10 such orders are received, I will process it. 
So you know how to get your signed copy ASAP. ;)

"I Do Not Want To Be A Doctor Who Writes, But I Want To Be A Writer Who Heals..." - Sana Rose