My First Quote!

"Life is often like a Poem; when you begin to perceive it, it ends. But the lucky thing is, every end is a new beginning!" - My First Quote Ever
"Life is too precious to be just hanging around in it, too good to be just sleeping through most of it, and too passionate to be just thinking about it...... So, I WRITE..." ~ Sana Rose

April 24, 2011

Working on Some Changes

Hello friends,

There's no need for an apology, but I am making one anyway for a late post. One to myself, may be. It doesn't matter though I accept that it wasn't my fault. In lesser bragging words, the internet connection had been lousy. And the power had been playing. :-/ I almost tied the Internet to a tortoise, because truly, it moved faster than my connection. Today, I got back to college. Intentions are not meant to be shared publicly. Sorry.

Anyway, I am using my best friend's mini-lap and working on some changes. 
It might as well be a change to myself. I am talking about what I am doing to my website. 
Yay! I am rebuilding it into something more professional! :) It's time to keep the distinction between a blog, a blog redirected to a personal domain and a professional-looking website. Thanks to my big brother o'er there! :)

So what I have been up to these past three days will be revealed to you at
Okay, I stopped boasting, but I guess I am in love with what I am doing. :)

By the way, let me update you with what I have been doing other than rebuilding the website and going mad when the power went off frequently interrupting and hence stopping me from completing the work.
I have been carrying around the next book to read. Kristin Hannah's The Things We Do For Love. 
Seems like it's a poignant story and what, I love her! :)
But I haven't read much these days. The matter with me is, if I plan on doing something and it doesn't work out, I end up doing nothing. I don't even try to do something else to compensate the time and work load. 
And this part of me, just like my website, definitely need some changes!

How much of my time, my lifetime, my work time will I waste like this, if I don't try to change? 
So that's under work, too. 
Then, I have also been trying to write my novel, but it didn't happen, because I didn't sit down and take the pen and paper because I hadn't done what I had in my plan. 
This is the way this author is working now and it isn't very impressive or even called working, for that matter. 
I hope to get it better. 
Another problem I am facing is, my best writing comes out during a pathology lecture. And that is not fair. It might be great to have something to do when the class is so boring, but then I won't be sitting there forever! (I hope!). And I can't wait for Dr. J to take the class to write my novel. I have to do it on my own. And that is something under work, too. :)

Now, that's a lot to work on! :O But I will do it. 
By the way, the book is selling than I thought!

Meanwhile, I have written about the fourth poem in my blog here. Hope you will like it. Sometimes my articles there get philosophical but then, that's my poem sometimes. The next one will follow soon. And it is romance. The first love poem I ever wrote.
First love is always a sweet memory though I guess the guy has long ago thrown me out of any corner of his thoughts. Now let's not go to it, it was a sad story. It is called first love because it wasn't the last and because it is a memory and because it is gone... and a sad story. That's all I am going to share here, with due respect to that gentleman. ;)

Also, I am trying my hand at inspirational writing. Check out the brand new blog A Born Dreamer and tell me what you think of it. :) It is all about dreams and dreamers... :) Follow it if you like it! I intend to make it all dreamy... :)

Now let me wind up for now, or may be today. 
The work on the website is almost over. I will publish it soon and instead of the blogger interface, you will see an all writer's website. :)

Here's a pic I took last month. I tried to upload it in FB back then, but could not, due to some glitch in the net

I had to resize it to upload it faster. Guess what it is? 
It is the nest of a bird and the beautiful birdie has laid an egg with pink spots. And the birdie sits upon it and flies away to eat and bring nest building materials and repair it always. Later there were two eggs!
But that's not the interesting part. 
The nest was found on this plant inside our well. In the large well in the backyard of our house!!! Balanced on the plant. It is safe from crows and other birds who might steal the egg but below it is the deep well with water. The first flight of the nestling can land it in the water and get it killed. So we had to call someone and get the nest out of there. But it was a sad story, the nest was taken out and kept away not to attract any crows, but later when the mama bird came, she didn't find the nest in the well and flew away crying., though we had placed it out on the well's grill lid. But, she didn't see it and the bad bad crow saw it. :(

Okay then, that's it. :)
Bubye for today...

April 17, 2011

What Do You Think Life Is???

Hello there,
Let me begin with some nice sharing. 
I was lazing around blogs and checking out new blogs next to mine and found some really nice ones indeed. But the plain thing is, these writers write for the love of writing. It is clear in their writings. 
Two blogs caught my heart today, which is not easy.
One is titled "Serenity...!!!!" and another one is "The Amazing Adventures of Wonderspools". 

While Serenity speaks about the effect music has on our mind, in the author's view whose escape was always Music, Wonderspools expressed an altogether new thought that got me thinking. :)

Which story is sewed to your heart? 
Which story you read or heard when you were young has always remained as a part of you?
Lindsey believes that for every one of us, there would be a story that played a role in making us the persons we are now. 
There could be, as a matter of fact. To her it is Robin Hood. 
Come to think of it - a story - a fairytale or fable or whatever that influences your life. There would be a lot now, when you are old enough to perceive many things. What I had to share with her was:

 "As for my story... I read a damn too lot... and still think that the books that influenced me, that bonded me to reading and writing in English forever is the most basic one. 
The Lady Bird books we were given to read from Kindergarten. 
In which Peter and Jane has someplace to go every day.
There aren't any stories in those books, but they were for language development and improving reading skills. But I still liked the nice real pictures and I liked to observe what they did. They might be visiting a farm, feeding the horses with apples, making a wooden boat or helping their mom to make a cake and better still tending to a new pet Rabbit..
But even as I read them, though I had no idea I was going to be a writer one day, I obvserved them as people and now that same thing I do, with the characters in my novel.
My affinity to western books, characters and settings began back then.
I don't clearly remember what I used to read at 7 and 8 that shaped me as a person, but there's a book that really changed my attitude and made me a better person, better daughter and lover. Summer Island by Kristin Hannah. It might be the only book that changed me even a little bit and I read it last year, not very long ago.

So may be it doesn't have to be a story at all what you read in childhood, that makes a mark in your life.

And talking about life, I went through the latest post at "I Heart Shiena : Spread the Love".
The Meaning of Life. 
It ends by defining Life from Wikipedia. After all that is what we all gotta do nowadays - Google! The Author has a point there.

Actually, people often talk about Life, so many philosophical things saying it's like this and if Life was something Alien that just descended from a UFO... LOL... 
Life is simply what we ARE... 
Life is what we have till our last breath and beat, even when we lose everything else!
Life is being you, Life is being you.
Life is
And then they say, 
"Life is a mystery, a game, a puzzle."


A mystery comes when you don't think enough... 

 A game comes when you are taking everything so seriously 
and still playing around...
 A puzzle comes when your problem-solving ability
is not efficient enough...
Then why philosophize Life? :) 
Live in the moment, and you know what life is.... 
 Oopz, now, am I the one pondering on life? ;) :D
 Well, then, there you are. This is all for today. 
Right now, I feel like playing a game of Snake & Ladder. :) Missing Childhood!
I have tried to illustrate this post to make a bit colourful. :)
Hope you enjoy my stupidities because of their naturality. :)
Love Always...
P.S. There's nothing wrong in being stupid at times, if that helps you to write a blog post. :) 

April 16, 2011

True Poetry Sells - At Least from Heart to Heart!

Welcome, friends and poets, to a new group 
I started in Facebook for the sake of Poetry!

This isn't just a group, but also a cause.

Now let's face it.   
say publishers when we submit our poetry books, 
to share what we know, what we feel...
But sadly, the first form of literature that was ever there is now facing extinction because:
*True poetry is not recognized and promoted.

*Many people claim to be poets and write downright stupid poetry in the name of "modern poetry" and slaughter true poetry, which in turn defames the whole genre of poetry.

*And the "non-aesthetic, non-poetic" poetry they write were published by mainstream publishers and turned out to be a flop in the market and poetry lovers were repelled from buying poetry books which in turn made the usual quote by publishers "Poetry Doesn't Sell".

So isn't this a cycle, a man-made one, a publishers-made one, a FAKE POETS-made one?
Poetry is loved, poetry books sell. That is, IF they are good.

Let's bring it up. The 21st century is a golden era for the oldest form of literature and let's keep our word to the world and generate
Poetry is not about making a living or business. But bringing it down and not giving it the value it deserves is a crime and let's all work and help against it! :)

With all love and support- ♥ SR ♥

P.S. Let's bring up discussions here, vent our frustrations and get rejuvenated.
Add other poets who you think are true poets! All the best! :)

This is Another dream of mine come true! :)

April 14, 2011

A Burst of Joy and Surprise

Well... I am recovering from it, of course, and now feel it wasn't a surprise in the first place. But it was because it was totally unexpected.
(Now, I know that's what makes a surprise, a surprise). 
I am intrigued now, as I recover from the pleasant surprise.

I have been browsing through the links of bookstores where my book is listed for order. And it totally made my jaw drop (yes, for once, I learned what writers meant by "jaw dropped") when I saw some anonymous person under the pseudonym Poet Inside had written some small positive reviews at Powell's and Price Minister
Now, that was absolutely the last thing I expected! 

Not that I don't feel good about my own book. But this thing touched me. I would like to believe it is someone I don't know, or someone who doesn't know me personally. But, that's such a rare possibility with the little work I have been able to do for the book so far. But then which of my friends would buy a copy and not tell me at all? That's what intrigues me. :)

So, Poet Inside, if you are out there, smiling at me, thanks a lot!

I feel totally rejuvenated after being so tired and reluctant to face the glaring computer screen for two days even after coming home for the five day holidays and the review at the bookstores did it!
Well, what now? I haven't been writing or feeling well, for that matter. But I promise to myself I will be more productive tomorrow. Insha Allah! :)

As for my novel, I have completed 12 chapters. I write the best when I am in a boring lecture class at college. I don't know how that works, you know, in the midst of all that noise and goings. But it just is so comfortable! :) And I write smoothly. But I can't let myself get used to that. For I don't intend to sit in college rest of my life! 
So, mom is calling again. Time for prayer and bed.

I am so happy to announce though may be for the umpteenth time, that the Author fan page has 106 Likes, excluding my own and the book's page has 220 Likes. :) 
Meanwhile, I have started a space for my next project, too. 


As soon as it hits 25, I can get a username for it so that sharing links won't be a troublesome ordeal with all those numbers in the URL.

So help me out guys, I need you as much as I need myself. :)


Just changed my profile pic in FB. 
Here, loved this pic when I googled. 
Cute, ain't it? :)

April 8, 2011

This Weekend's Note

Hello friends!

I had a long day today and at last, it's weekend! Looking forward to a lovely day tomorrow. Summer is fine when at home. And I am going to work on the novel a bit better. 
I was not doing great for a few days. But reading helps me, I guess. 

I bought three books today from town and waiting for the right time to dive into them. 
But life is getting hectic, more so every day, as our college is going on as usual, regardless of my writing career and business.
I'm the one who gotta adjust and deal with things. I will do it. 
I hope when the exam time comes, I get some sense into my head and for the time being, feel like studying something. 
There is nothing like the word 'Studies' that irritates me nowadays. 
But I know, I am supposed to do that, too, just as I am supposed to be writing my best. :)

There is one person who really made me feel good today. 
My buddy Sid. Siddharth Naik from Goa. 
The friend who is helping me with the research for my novel's setting.
Let me thank him from the bottom of my heart... Love to you, friend!
Sid, you rock! :)

His belief in me that he expressed that I will do the novel well was really rejuvenating and I definitely needed that. 

By the way, check out the other blog for the new giveaway.
I don't know if the content page is a give away but then, I have my own style. ;)
And that surely includes the content page which gives away all the titles in the book. ;)
Just put up with it! :D

"I Do Not Want To Be A Doctor Who Writes, But I Want To Be A Writer Who Heals..." - Sana Rose