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October 21, 2010

The Bird in the Water Tank, the 'Free' Time, the Back Cover Blurb for My Book!

When I started this blog, I had thought I will update it regularly. Well, I do wish to. But the (orderless) schedule doesn't let me keep the word as much as I want to.
Anyway, this morning I'm dropping by. I got some time (free or not, depends on what we do) as a bird died in the water tank at our Ladies' Hostel.

The water tank here is a beauty! The amount of dirt on it's periphery gives us an idea how much is there inside it. Besides, the water in the bathrooms show us even more. The longer time you bath, the dirtier you become. Well, that's the case...

So, a 'Mynah' died in it. The water in the tank was over by 8 a.m. And what? Each tap in the bathroom had a feather coming out of it!!! Can ya believe it?!
I decided not to take a bath in hurry today. So I bunked the IP clinical class and am going to bunk next hour, too.
So I have some 'free' time... ;)

At last, water did come, but (ironically), it smells sweet. Not very appealing. I'm afraid my new bathing soap might lose its exotic fragrance in the competition...

Now, let's leave the water tank. It's not going to be better than it is, ever...

Yesterday alone, I wrote 3 poems. Of course, as usual, I utilized the boring lectures.
The poems are posted in my page at Poetfreak. Check out 'My Linkzzz...'.

Another news to share is, I got the back cover blurb from my publisher. They made it from an interview I filled. And it gives an exciting feeling...! :)))
Sometimes, I feel I'm looking at someone else's book...


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