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October 22, 2010

A Downpour Altogether

It rained cats and dogs today. The rain began last night and I woke up with a strangely ended dream this morning. I was in a bus and was passing the place that I always longed to take a photograph of, when I come home every weekend. The river and scenery was great with the white clouds standing out softly against the blue blue sky. And I fished out my Digi-camera out of my handbag and focused...... and just when I clicked..... but just before the photo was captured..... I woke up!!! :-/ :-x

Or I would have got that snap.... (;->)

Anyway, it's this evening after I reached home for the weekend that it stopped. As I sat in the bus, looking forward to reaching home to start my work right away, I saw cars wading through the river the street had become. Calicut City is way too dirty when in it rains. I slept through most of the journey home. I was too tired of the routine at college.

So, I did the work anyway. My Print Manager, Suzanne Kelly had sent over the first Revision of the TEXT BLOCK/ GALLEY for my revision and proofing. There were errors still. But I found them faster than I thought as I was very much thorough with my poems. But over all, the layout looks great, thanks to Suze. She has done it well. There are two more Galley proofing remaining. Then it goes to print as soon as the Cover designing is over. I am just about to sign off the edited and proofed back cover blurb. 

All in all, it was a downpour today and yes....... I would LOVE to go to bed...

Goodnight everyone...

Love Always...


  1. Dear Rose,

    I actually appreciate you, but your sentence is like malayalam wrote in English.So if malayalam comfortable for you , you write in malayalam . Because here you are trying to express something but it is not getting clear .

    You have to improve your english.
    Best Regards


  2. Thanks, Fahad, but you just made it clear you don't know me... :)And the thing is, I don't actually know to write much in Malayalam. And my English is good enough that a pretty good American Publishing company chose to publish my book.
    I have to learn more English, but my English is the first thing I'm confident about.
    And this is a lazy journal I keep, actually for talking about myself, not to please anyone.
    In this post I am not trying to express anything particular and this is not Malayalam written in English because I never write in Malayalam. And this post is simply a diary entry.


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