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October 23, 2010

On Trust...

Let me begin today's thoughts with a Senryu I wrote. It is titled Tissue Paper.

"Trust - so delicate
As a tissue - be gentle

To it, or it tears..."

A friend recently betrayed badly - and actually, it's when he confessed that I came to know it. I felt foolish, embarrassed. Still not out of it, yet... :-x

Trust - it's a common text message that circulates among us college kids - 

It's hard to make, 
  Easy to break...

And, I told him that. With some of my own additions, following his apology.

It's fine, I can forgive easily. God forgives, so why can't we simple humans do that? We shouldn't be that much arrogant, so as to not to forgive to those who confess and apologize. And I did forgive, but, I am a human. 

It is something I am trying to find out - Why is Love not the same always after Forgiveness?
Why isn't so easy to go back to the old state even after Forgiveness?

Often, things change - Forgiveness is just a play - sometimes...

And trust is so delicate - like a tissue paper, like a sprouting new leaf, like a tender flower bud...
Trust is a Baby as far as the aspects of Love are concerned - so tender - so vulnerable - so fragile - if you do not care...

And once the Trust is cracked, fissured, damaged, or collapsed, it's too hard to rebuild it.

Trust is not a building, so we do not get workers, even for a huge wage, to help us build or rebuild it...
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  1. I wanted to comment, but words betrayed me. All I can do here is advise you to read Jacques Derrida's views about FORGIVENESS. They're amazing.

    Lovers' Shore

  2. nice one... keep it coming

  3. Nadine MillerOctober 25, 2010

    I enjoyed this blog and the included poem and personal thoughts...I'm curious about how your trust was betrayed. It does hurt to know someone we believed in could be dishonest and hurt us. We have a choice how much trust to place in that person once we have forgiven. I suppose just leaving that person behind and moving forward without them in our lives so directly is also an option. Sometimes being selfish with our time and spending it wisely is best. Those who've earned and deserved our trust could reap the beneifits of our friendship. As a Christian, I'm taught to forgive. It's not so easy sometimes.....Nadine


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