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"Life is often like a Poem; when you begin to perceive it, it ends. But the lucky thing is, every end is a new beginning!" - My First Quote Ever
"Life is too precious to be just hanging around in it, too good to be just sleeping through most of it, and too passionate to be just thinking about it...... So, I WRITE..." ~ Sana Rose

October 24, 2010

The Rose - A Signature

The Rose is a Pencil Drawing - or more accurately put - the Pencil Drawing I do in ten minutes (when there are no other distractions, of course!). I am sharing a snap of it here taken from my wall in my hostel room.
I drew it first when I was fifteen. :)

So here's it, thought you would like to see something more than my writing... :)

Hope you like it, friends... :)
Any comments welcome here... :)

With Lots of Love...xo

(Photo and Content: All rights reserved by the Author)


  1. ..good to see dat d rose has not fallen off in fifteen years time..keep drawing and keep growing ..:)

  2. I said I drew it first at fifteen.... Not fifteen years back... and this must be some fifteenth!!!

  3. mistake..sorry ..:P..:P

  4. Nice artwork Sana! Keep up the good work!! :)


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