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December 11, 2010

Been Away Wondering and Wandering

Hi Dear Friends...

Like I said, I have been away, Wondering and Wandering...

After setting my hands on the Twilight Saga books, I haven't paused reading. I bought more than half a dozen books, issued two from the Public Library in Town and dived into them... still, am...
And somewhere in between, I realized why I haven't been writing much. I haven't been reading much but when I began, my own writing flowed out without indifference. And I am seriously working on the first real novel I ever began.
I completed my first silly novel when I was 15. It was titled Kith and Kin. But I didn't intend to publish it because, I knew one day I would outgrow it. 
And novels followed, but I never completed another one. And the last one I nearly finished was discarded at a sudden loss of interest. But a friend says if I rewrite it, it might come out brilliantly. The plot needs more experience in writing. It is a bit complex and I was 17 when I started it. 

So here I am now on a real journey. I just started a new page in Facebook to share excerpts from my novel and get feedbacks. 
I really need to know how good my writing is, or how good it can get... I would love it if anyone told me a frank comment.
That's what I need, as an aspiring writer...

Here's a 'Like' box for that page in the right hand side - check it out if you like a Romance novel with an optimum level of trouble and exploring the depths of love and friendship and family life...


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  1. Fantastic, informative blog this must have taken forever to write.
    I enjoyed every moment here thank you

    Many thanks


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