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November 28, 2010

Summer Island by Kristin Hannah - A Review

I read a novel, Summer Island by Kristin Hannah. It touched my heartstrings, my tear glands and formed multiple lumps in my throat… It is one of the best I ever read... 

It’s the story of the complex ties between a mother and daughter. Nora Bridge left her husband and daughters 11 years ago, for mysterious reasons that unravel later in the book. She’s a rich and famous talk show host now. Ruby, her younger daughter, now 27, is a struggling comedian and blocks out all memories of her pains and past and despises her mother in every way.
When a dreadful scandal ruins Nora, her daughter is offered a huge amount for writing an expose’ one her mother. Fate brings them together when Nora meets with a car accident and Ruby get stuck with her in Summer Island, being the only family with time to spare which brings back every past she had buried when she left.
Ruby starts the article declaring that she hates her mom. But as they get to know each other, Ruby realizes how much she had missed herself by missing her mom all these years… And the article ends with her declaration that she loves her mother. The betrayal becomes a blessing and Nora’s reputation is restored through a talk show Ruby was featured, where Nora appears along with her daughter.
Ruby gets to mend her first love and finds the love of her life in her first love that broke 11 years back.

It’s a wonderful book because it changed my own attitude to my relation with my mom with whom I have never been closer than I were to my friends…

And I learned a few facts and it was confirmed when my boyfriend told me a new info his mom told him- she used to tie him up when she worked because of his mischief…and he doesn’t remember it… Oh…it sounds so cute…!

A part of our real self is our mothers.. They know about our pure character than ourselves… When they tell us how we were, we’ll realize how much we have lost ourselves…
So what happens when our mother stops taking care of us or leaves us is that we no more care who we are…we no more want to remember who we were… We grow selfish…

Mothers can change the world… Not social reformers…

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