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December 16, 2010

Between Love and Love

As much as this title pops up in my mind as the title of my first novel in the workshop, it suits me a lot sometimes. Between Love and Love, I am stuck in between Medicine and Literature. I have become a lousy student and a better writer, for that matter, in the long run. But as a writer who has to be established yet, I need my medical career as much as anything. 

Is there anyone out there who is potent enough to counsel me and get me started with studies? The second year textbooks are as good as new. I haven't used them really. But with the first semester exams coming in January, I would like to try them. (Cheeky!) :)

My cute guy is out of town, gone to Trivandrum for the Football Meet of 5 or 6 Homoeopathic Medical Colleges. And this morning he called me asking if I wanted any books. They passed some second-hand book stores.
Of course, I want many books! Kristin Hannah's, Nora Roberts', Nicholas Sparks'... Oh... I don't know how many. And I named the one that I am currently hunting for.
A Walk to Remember by Nick Sparks.
Later he texted me: "They have got A Walk to Remember but Rs. 80 for that little book! I bargained it for 30 and that business closed down there!"

I laughed silently, but was a bit disappointed, too. 
In the usual book store I haunt here, in our town, that author's books cost Rs. 130. And there, it was for 80, and he ruined it by bargaining it for 30! Later he said, he could get it for 50, but now couldn't go back to the same shop after the cheap bargain. LOL! 
But he has promised to get the book for me. Everywhere I look around I see that book mentioned in 1 out of every 4th or 5th book lover's list. 

Yesterday, I added the "Reactions" box in my blog posts, so that those who are not free enough to leave comments, but yet want to react to my posts can do so. 
Humans react, you know. We just have to give them the chance to!
This weekend, I am going to take part in the B Zone Youth festival. My items are - yes, you guessed it right - Story writing and Versification in English. I got the first prize winner last year (The story of the interzone is posted in an earlier post Surprise Gift). But this year, I haven't got the first sentence prompt like last year, for which, the first sentence at both B-zone and Interzone (next level) contests were the same. 
Cat's urine had the worst smell in the world as far as little Anna was concerned. :)
I really am not in a mood for competition, but the college people won't let me say no to the registration. But as much as I don't want to participate this year, I know that I would feel a little bad for not trying, when the results come after the competitions. I don't know how lucky I am this time... a bit nervous -yes...

So far so good. 
Today, I finished the complete outlining of my novel. Next I am going to write about one chapter a day, starting from tomorrow. Except for heavy loaded days.

And yes, the only title coming to my mind is Between Love and Love.

Please tell me what you think of it. 

Have a great evening. It's prayer time here. Bye for today! :)

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  1. Kamala (Dileep)December 17, 2010

    Sana, this is a wonderful site...a beautiful one. Yeah 'A walk to remember' is a great book to read and even good is the film version. His first book 'The notebook' is phenomenal... Your guy might have approached the 2nd hand book stall here, where i go occasionally. yeah those books comes from the US. used ones, but mint good quality. Have you read his 'Dear john', 'True believer'...those are real good stuff.


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