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"Life is often like a Poem; when you begin to perceive it, it ends. But the lucky thing is, every end is a new beginning!" - My First Quote Ever
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December 17, 2010


Hi there, buddies...

I didn't go to college today, what with all the lonely sitting in the class without him.... 
Hmmm... well, yeah, that and this.
I am suddenly feeling Blogomania (Blogophilia is a good term, too).
I have been swimming and diving into Blogpools. And I found some real nice ones. 
One of it was, a blog named "It's Pronounced Mern Smeether"
By a young girl, Maryn Smith, may be around my age or lesser. 
It is a blog she opened to share the funny moments in her life. I read all the posts in it and left some genuine comments. 
The thing is, those are simple conversations, mainly high school stuff. But, of course humorous.

True, such moments are scattered generously in our day to day lives. All of ours, with homes, families, and friends... And at school, college, everywhere. But, what makes this blog extraordinary is the way it is done. 
Firstly, Mern Smeether, as she is known, has a terrific humor sense.
But not all those who have a sense of humor can narrate a joke effectively -
for e.g. Sana Rose. :-/

But Mern does it very well, and she has got a knack at it.
The page is peaceful, calm and funny, the descriptions and reasoning filled with very jolly words.
A perfect blog to enjoy... :)

Here's the link to it :

Have a go at it!

Another blog I read today was an author's - named Barbara.
One blog post of hers touched me greatly, about using the gifts we have.
She said in that post: I know God has given me a gift, but I am not using it now.
What happened was she was looking back at a time she used to paint, before writing, and in the long run, the 'Painting Grace' had simply disappeared.
And her writing grace, too, was on a downhill, after a literary agent said her writing was good, but not great...

Really, I was pondering over the fact then - do we have to do that to ourselves? No, is the answer.
Write all you can, believing in it, enjoying it... There will be as many critics as there are supporters as many people who simply tell us we are doing great, to please. 
It's 1/3rd of the total...

One Critic is better than a hundred flatterers...
To say 'Never Let Your Spirit Go' is easy, but do it!

Life is full of surprises and the most surprising when you hear/receive the expected thing. :)
Not the unexpected. This is a wave that hit me while taking a hurried shower.

After all, waves of realization hit us when we least expect...

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  1. Hi Sana Rose! I am so happy that you enjoy my blog! Thanks for reading and commenting - that makes it worth writing. How did you find my blog anyway? I am just curious because I have had a lot of people I don't know reading it lately and I'm not sure how they found it.



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