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"Life is often like a Poem; when you begin to perceive it, it ends. But the lucky thing is, every end is a new beginning!" - My First Quote Ever
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December 18, 2010

A Rather Long Day

Oh, dear!  
Today was a long day and a very long day at that... I have known it for a week that I was registered for the competitions at the university festival. But sure as hell, unprepared. And in the last two days, I had changed my mind a hundred times - I'll go and write - no, I don't really want to go write it - what's the big deal anyway..??? 

And Mom supported the latter. What is the big deal anyway? It's wasting a day, and even if I got the prize, there wasn't a thing more last year. Why would this year be different? I have never been short at certificates - I have a portfolio full of them, and the thing is, they are just there, without any use. So why this one? But then early this morn, Mom said I shouldn't simply miss the chance, I must go write it- She is just too proud of me sometimes... erm.... 8)

And like I said already, I didn't have a prompt, a sentence to start with. But I managed to think of one last night- a funny one - Bunny rabbits had always held a fascination to little Tina- I really have no idea what I was thinking. But I knew, whatever the topic be, the characters would be a lonely girl Tina, and some time later, her grown up life with Eric and a tiny little surprise in the end and...... of course, my own thought about Love being a sandcastle - that is displayed in the right hand side of this blog... And you know what - the theme given was: "It was a flash of light in the darkness..."

And my 17 year old brother commented, "Someone flicked on the Torch - the End!" 
Might as well have been that, LOL! :D
May be they meant a 'Realization'. 
It could have been some enlightening.
Or it could have been just plain lightning...

Whatever it be, my story is Realizing Love
Because I am a sucker for contemporary romance!

There wasn't enough time actually, and I had to skip a few sentences but that is me - I write a lot when I write, as if it is part of a novel but stop because I have to stop, for the judge's sake.
I shall post the story here tomorrow, doesn't matter whether I get something for it or not.
But I wanna share it with you. May be I wouldn't want to share it after knowing the results - so tomorrow is the date for Realizing Love - not mine - Tina's.

And the versification was another story - the topic they gave was impossible!
Vanish Poet.

Just PLAIN Vanish Poet!

All of us where in awe of it - it didn't make sense, it simply, friggin' didn't make sense!
The people doing the registration and carrying the procedures confirmed it once - it was the same - VANISH POET - Not Vanished or Vanishing - Just Vanish
They excused that the guy who suggested the "topic with huge possibilities in itself" was some Ph.D. qualified specimen. (So much for that!) 
Later, after the competition, one of the members of the council, whom we knew from last year, came and told us, they had been equally baffled by the topic and that, when enquired, the respected Ph.D. guy had said: it was a state of losing everything - whose? A Poet's?

I am gratified... :O
 And I wrote a poem titled: To the Vanishing Poets Out There...
A plea to poets - to come out and not hide - to voice what needs to told, instead of vanishing - killing themselves... The World needs you, dear Poet...

That's about it. :/

Hope the judge won't get his brain damaged...

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