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December 19, 2010

Realizing Love - The Story

Bunny rabbits had always held a fascination to little Tina. She thought the world of her stuffed bunny doll which had two long ears that drooped on either sides of its pinkish white face, with huge cartoon-character eyes. And it had two soft teeth that protruded out of its smiling mouth below its black nose. And it had three whiskers on either side of the snout. And Tina adored it, held its fluffy arm and carried it around. For five-year old Tina, Love was Bunny Rabbit.

“When will Mama come?” she asked, waddling into the kitchen where her nanny was cooking.
“She just left,” Sara, the nanny replied. “What do you want to eat, Tina baby?” She looked at the little girl standing with a disturbed look on her face. Tina was such a pretty girl. Again, the stuffed rabbit was in her arms.
“Love, what do you want for breakfast?” Sara asked getting no reply from Tina.
“I don’t want anything,” Tina retorted. “Where is Mama again?”
“She went to work, you know that,” she answered with a bored drawl.
“Work!” Tina exclaimed. She stomped out of the kitchen and went upstairs to her room.

Mama was at work. Papa was at work. And they came back after she slept.
“They don’t love me, Bunny,” she said to the large stuffed doll. Its eyes were wide and mouth curved up in a toothy smile. As always.
Tina strode to her small bookshelf and sat her bunny in a small chair. She began rummaging her story books and colouring books. Yes, she found the one she was looking for. She pulled it out and sat down on the floor.
“Look, Bunny, Mama gave this book,” she talked to Bunny as if it was nodding. “She gave this for my fifth birthday.” She opened the red book and gazed at the first page, thoughtfully.
“A Happy Family!” she read with great animation on her face. “I read it, all alone, but it’s all wrong.”

She looked at the illustration – there was a Tina-like girl, Mama and Pap, with their arms around her. She crossed out the faces of the Mama and Papa and began doing her own sketch in the page.
She skimmed through the rest of the book and changed all the pictures in the next hour with a pencil.
“This is right now,” she said with a sigh of relief and looked at Bunny earnestly. “This is a Happy Family.”

Time was ten at night. Tara felt her legs were numb after a whole day sitting behind the office desk. She went up to her daughter’s room.
Tina lay peacefully in her small bed. And the stuffed rabbit was still there in her arms. A book lay wide open beside her pillow. She must have been “reading to Bunny” as usual.
When Tara went to tuck the quilt safely under Tina’s chin, she noticed that the book was the one she had given Tina on her fifth birthday. A Happy Family, the title said. It was a hurried pick at the bookstore and the wise-looking lady there had said it was “perfect for growing kids”. Now, which kids didn’t grow? But she had picked up the book and had it gift-wrapped anyway.
The back cover boasted about the answers the book had. What is love? What is care? What is a family? Kids would know all these after reading this! She felt a little clumsy, as she picked up the book, a sudden wave of realization hitting her in the darkness of the carelessness rather than the darkness of the night. She opened the book for the first time, wondering what it said.
And she didn’t know the tears welling up as she looked at the strikes and crosses in the book. Tina had read it thoroughly. And the picture in the title page was no more Mama, Papa and little girl. It was the little girl and the Bunny rabbit. She put the book the same way beside Tina’s pillow, kissed her and left without a noise. 

Love was Bunny Rabbit for Tina and Tara didn’t know how to change that anymore.

Growing up did many things to you, Tina thought as she walked down the beach. She held a pen and bit its end as she pondered on what to write. The sun was descending in the horizon and the sky was orange and rose. The clouds looked mesmerizing with a golden lining to them.
And the sea was a live pool of golden glitters. Waves hit the shore and children ran farther screaming. She clutched the notepad in her hand and gazed at some kids who were busy building a sandcastle. Suddenly, a large wave crashed on the shore and the kids screamed together. As she looked on, she saw the sandcastle tumbling down.
Yes, she was looking for this – a prompt. She sat down in the sand and dug her feet into it. She paused before she began scrawling.
Her Eric had gone to her parents’ house. To ask her hand in holy matrimony to her father. They have been living together for almost two years now. And she had said she didn’t want marriage or kids. But he had been adamant about that. Kids came later.
“I want to marry you, Tina,” he had said.
 She had an uncertainty in her heart, even though she was happy to feel wanted. Until now, she hadn’t realized the fear she had. And she began writing.

Love is just another sandcastle. The farther it is from the raging sea, the safer it is. But the fact is, sandcastles can be built only from wet sand – sand touched by the salty sea… And so is Love – always touched by the salty tears just like sandcastles are sprayed with drops of waves. Or sometimes, washed away…

Eric sat at his table with a smug look on his face and she knew her parents had agreed to his proposal.
“What did you write today?” he asked, moving a gift-wrapped box farther on the table.
“Just this,” Tina said dropping her notepad on the table before him and turned away.

“Hey, this is beautiful!” Eric said.

She was surprised. It wasn’t Eric’s kind of attitude. But still she expected him to reply positively. Life was full of surprises. And the most surprising when we hear or get the expected thing.

“But, you see,” Eric got up, took the gift box and walked to Tina. He handed it to her. “Love doesn’t have to be a sandcastle always…” he whispered, embracing her from behind. Tina silently enjoyed the closeness and ripped open the package. Her good old Bunny smiled up at her  from the box.
“Love can also be a Bunny Rabbit…” Eric whispered as Tina turned around and kissed him.

Love would be Eric, for the rest of her life.


All Rights Reserved (C) Sana Rose ;)

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