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January 29, 2011

Damn My Artist's Eye! I'm Disappointed...

Hi pals... :)

After a long time... :) I wasn't really getting what to share. Today I have something to share. :)
A cover designer has been assigned for The Torrent from My Soul. And Michal did a speedy work and sent me the front cover design. 
While some think it's okay, I don't feel so. It can be a lot better than that, I believe. And I don't like the white background of the cover design. 
So I am going to make a little work myself and see how it looks and write out to make those changes in the cover. 

The cover I got now from the designer is this. But I feel it became a little bit too simple. So tell me what you think. :)

Well, this is it. Just tell me or just vote it here... The only thing I liked in this cover is that picture. Hope you guys will be frank and tell me what you expect in a book. :)
A cover is a crucial element and I am very concerned about it. :)


  1. you could select a design that could go on the two corners.. it needn't be a wall paper, but just something you think, would have a silent correlation with the themes inside.. the deeper the theme, the better and yes, the bg can be changed to a light and translucent wallpaper and lastly, if you think you need more filling up, you can put your signature too ;) Just a thought.

  2. hey sana. i dint like the front cover design at all. it looks more like a school note book to me. The picture also isnt that fascinating, you will get much better pictures to illustrate the title, i feel. so please dont go with this looks too ordinary.

  3. the note book look alike may b bcoz f the black strip on left..the design is Elegant.
    the designer should have taken care of the copyright tag of 'Shutterstock' visible on the picture..


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