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February 9, 2011

A Release Whatsoever... :)

Hi there...

Just dropped by to say hi, yeah, exactly... :) So now that the cover is finalized, it has moved into print proof production which they will send me for approval within 3 weeks. And then it will be on the shelves in a few days... And I am looking forward to touch it!That's about the book release... In a way, mine, too...

This Friday night, I and my classmates - well, 29 of us - are setting off to Kodaikanal for a two day trip. Looking forward to it... yikez! I am excited! :) and collecting songs to rock the bus! :D

I had so much in mind to share, but not getting any of it right now. I am going to have some fun, anyway... :) And that's the sum up of it.. :) May be I will have some snaps to share and yeah, I'm going to USE my camera after a long time. :)

So, goodnight for today, people... I have a chocolate cake to make for my facebook valentine, who seems to be gymming hard... :D


  1. :)
    So altered physique gets a Chocolate Cake :)

  2. Great write... love your lovely blog :)
    Take care

  3. So where has the chocolate cake reached???


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