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February 2, 2011

Some Things Are Like That... :)

Hi there! :)

In the last post, I was quite troubled about my cover. But in the end, I ended up confirming it.
I am not easily convinced about something, but the designer has convinced me. And I decided to go for it. I know many of you here didn't quite like it. At first even I didn't, but what made me wonder was even then there were some who liked it! :)

I asked a lot about it to the designer, Michal Splho. I gave him some real trouble actually, constantly shifting from my opinion about the cover with every opinion I got from you guys. :D
And he gave me a thorough explanation about each detail in it, and that surely convinced me. 
I am going to quote him here today. :) So this is how he explained it to me -

There are no strict rules about the serif or sans serif used on a book cover. But still there are certain types of fonts for certain type of books. And the composition of the design makes the difference too. I am going here for quite abstract composition - just stop considering title, author and subtitle as text and connect it to the picture as a geometric shape. You get square. Then there is the black strip on the left side. Imagine it as geometric abstract painting. Black strip on the left, green square in the golden mean vision center area. It could be sufficient to leave it like that. I still feel something is missing, some contrast to the square objects. I decided to put the red circle on the position it is - it is not by chance where it is positioned. There is a geometry behind. Of course, the circle has long history in the world symbolism and many features could be assigned to the circle. But let's leave it as a plain geometry now. We got abstract painting containing basic geometric shapes. The composition is decided by the golden mean proportions. Now - we can start to think of the font being used here. I know several serif fonts which would be great for the poetry book. But you know - there is no rule saying that the poetry has to be connected only with serif fonts. On the contrary, as we have here pure abstract cover made of pure geometric shapes, it asks for the same type of font. Plain, geometric, simple font. I got it to you. I experimented with at least 20 different fonts - even serif fonts. But definitely I got convinced it is not the choice for that cover. Definitely it requires simple, geometric sans serif. I experimented with bolder or thiner types of serifs - like Gill Sans, Helvetica, Century Gothic, Franklin Gothic etc. They all have great history of use as a title fonts in book and newspaper industry. I think that this Futura Light Condensed font used for title and subtitle works perfect and connects very well to the geometric concept of the design. And as I know there should be some contrast to that plain geometric font, I decided to use VAG Rounded Light font for the author, as it is rounded and contrasting to the angled Futura. That makes perfect resonance. If I place sans serif there - like Georgia or an other - the whole effect is gone. You would have the font you like but it does not really connect to the rest of the cover. 
Now about the red circle. Basically, if you really do not like the red circle there, I could remove it. I would miss it there a lot, but still - it gives the impression of more experimental and "art" form of the cover. If it is not there, the cover would be still fine, having more conservative look, but it would still be consistent as a whole. That is the point I could change on the cover if you really insist. But regarding the fonts I really would like to ask you if you could accept the choice I made.

- And when I understood what was behind this abstract painting, I really saw the beauty of it.
It is simple and plain, but I felt a peace as I looked on at it. I stared at the cover for some long time and knew in my heart this was it.
And it is... :) and I got the complete cover today. With the spine and the back cover and it is black. And it looked very gratifying after I contemplated on it.
So now that the cover is ready, I guess things are moving fast... I can imagine my first book as a whole, the cover was a dream and now it has been realized. In a few months, I will be holding my book in my hands... :)
So here is the complete cover. And visualize it as a book, you will understand how I was convinced of all... :)


  1. i'm glad you were convinced to keep this cover the way it is, because in my opinion is perfect. even if you don't like too much the white background, trust me, it suits perfectly the title and everything else! and the photo is very well chosen. personally, i like the cover very much! cheer up sis :). everything will be just fine! :)

  2. Sana Rose... I only wanted to make sure that you are still posting on PF about moonli/abhi and the current challenges... lease respond thru poetfreak... Thanks, millions.... Mike


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