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March 22, 2011

Have Found a LOT!

Hi Pals,

The last week has been hectic and I scarcely had time to relax. I guess, there's been a lot happening, and I have been digging out more and more links for my book's listing in various bookstores all over the world.

Like I would have known this would happen all the time... I really didn't know!
So some of it totally took me by surprise. It was just a dream once, to see my book listed in Barnes and Noble and Amazon.
Now I guess, I was chasing the dream always... :)

Feeling so good, you know... :) In an inexplicable sort of way!
The latest thing that surprised me was my book on

I was browsing there and writing to the customer care a query regarding how to get my new book in flipkart. Then I hit Send Email and reverted to search. And there my book is! I didn't know it was here... LOL!!

Anyway, they offer a 21% discount, so you might want to buy it yourself, rather than getting it from me. :) and free home delivery, so you could be sitting idly in your room when the book is brought home. 

Today, I was signing the first few copies that friends booked with me. And I took the pen to sign the copy for a young Nigerian friend. A thought struck me, as I wished that one day I would hold not-17 year old Chisom's book in my hand. I have to say that he is one great poet himself!

So there I wrote:
"If you can Aspire, one day you can Inspire..."

Sometimes, it is as simple as that, but this is one place and time when you realize, work is never simple. We have to earn the reward, no matter what.
It feels so good to realize things through experience. :)
But now this is enough dose for today... :D

Goodnight to all...

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  1. Hi Sana,

    Kudos on your book being published! I've been aspiring to be a travel writer and I know with all my heart I will become one, soon.

    Very happy for you Sana!



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