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April 14, 2011

A Burst of Joy and Surprise

Well... I am recovering from it, of course, and now feel it wasn't a surprise in the first place. But it was because it was totally unexpected.
(Now, I know that's what makes a surprise, a surprise). 
I am intrigued now, as I recover from the pleasant surprise.

I have been browsing through the links of bookstores where my book is listed for order. And it totally made my jaw drop (yes, for once, I learned what writers meant by "jaw dropped") when I saw some anonymous person under the pseudonym Poet Inside had written some small positive reviews at Powell's and Price Minister
Now, that was absolutely the last thing I expected! 

Not that I don't feel good about my own book. But this thing touched me. I would like to believe it is someone I don't know, or someone who doesn't know me personally. But, that's such a rare possibility with the little work I have been able to do for the book so far. But then which of my friends would buy a copy and not tell me at all? That's what intrigues me. :)

So, Poet Inside, if you are out there, smiling at me, thanks a lot!

I feel totally rejuvenated after being so tired and reluctant to face the glaring computer screen for two days even after coming home for the five day holidays and the review at the bookstores did it!
Well, what now? I haven't been writing or feeling well, for that matter. But I promise to myself I will be more productive tomorrow. Insha Allah! :)

As for my novel, I have completed 12 chapters. I write the best when I am in a boring lecture class at college. I don't know how that works, you know, in the midst of all that noise and goings. But it just is so comfortable! :) And I write smoothly. But I can't let myself get used to that. For I don't intend to sit in college rest of my life! 
So, mom is calling again. Time for prayer and bed.

I am so happy to announce though may be for the umpteenth time, that the Author fan page has 106 Likes, excluding my own and the book's page has 220 Likes. :) 
Meanwhile, I have started a space for my next project, too. 


As soon as it hits 25, I can get a username for it so that sharing links won't be a troublesome ordeal with all those numbers in the URL.

So help me out guys, I need you as much as I need myself. :)


Just changed my profile pic in FB. 
Here, loved this pic when I googled. 
Cute, ain't it? :)

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