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April 8, 2011

This Weekend's Note

Hello friends!

I had a long day today and at last, it's weekend! Looking forward to a lovely day tomorrow. Summer is fine when at home. And I am going to work on the novel a bit better. 
I was not doing great for a few days. But reading helps me, I guess. 

I bought three books today from town and waiting for the right time to dive into them. 
But life is getting hectic, more so every day, as our college is going on as usual, regardless of my writing career and business.
I'm the one who gotta adjust and deal with things. I will do it. 
I hope when the exam time comes, I get some sense into my head and for the time being, feel like studying something. 
There is nothing like the word 'Studies' that irritates me nowadays. 
But I know, I am supposed to do that, too, just as I am supposed to be writing my best. :)

There is one person who really made me feel good today. 
My buddy Sid. Siddharth Naik from Goa. 
The friend who is helping me with the research for my novel's setting.
Let me thank him from the bottom of my heart... Love to you, friend!
Sid, you rock! :)

His belief in me that he expressed that I will do the novel well was really rejuvenating and I definitely needed that. 

By the way, check out the other blog for the new giveaway.
I don't know if the content page is a give away but then, I have my own style. ;)
And that surely includes the content page which gives away all the titles in the book. ;)
Just put up with it! :D

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