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April 16, 2011

True Poetry Sells - At Least from Heart to Heart!

Welcome, friends and poets, to a new group 
I started in Facebook for the sake of Poetry!

This isn't just a group, but also a cause.

Now let's face it.   
say publishers when we submit our poetry books, 
to share what we know, what we feel...
But sadly, the first form of literature that was ever there is now facing extinction because:
*True poetry is not recognized and promoted.

*Many people claim to be poets and write downright stupid poetry in the name of "modern poetry" and slaughter true poetry, which in turn defames the whole genre of poetry.

*And the "non-aesthetic, non-poetic" poetry they write were published by mainstream publishers and turned out to be a flop in the market and poetry lovers were repelled from buying poetry books which in turn made the usual quote by publishers "Poetry Doesn't Sell".

So isn't this a cycle, a man-made one, a publishers-made one, a FAKE POETS-made one?
Poetry is loved, poetry books sell. That is, IF they are good.

Let's bring it up. The 21st century is a golden era for the oldest form of literature and let's keep our word to the world and generate
Poetry is not about making a living or business. But bringing it down and not giving it the value it deserves is a crime and let's all work and help against it! :)

With all love and support- ♥ SR ♥

P.S. Let's bring up discussions here, vent our frustrations and get rejuvenated.
Add other poets who you think are true poets! All the best! :)

This is Another dream of mine come true! :)

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  1. Hi Sana good work and talented...I really like your poem keep writing and sharing. I followed you both NB and Google.all the best and take care.


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