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April 17, 2011

What Do You Think Life Is???

Hello there,
Let me begin with some nice sharing. 
I was lazing around blogs and checking out new blogs next to mine and found some really nice ones indeed. But the plain thing is, these writers write for the love of writing. It is clear in their writings. 
Two blogs caught my heart today, which is not easy.
One is titled "Serenity...!!!!" and another one is "The Amazing Adventures of Wonderspools". 

While Serenity speaks about the effect music has on our mind, in the author's view whose escape was always Music, Wonderspools expressed an altogether new thought that got me thinking. :)

Which story is sewed to your heart? 
Which story you read or heard when you were young has always remained as a part of you?
Lindsey believes that for every one of us, there would be a story that played a role in making us the persons we are now. 
There could be, as a matter of fact. To her it is Robin Hood. 
Come to think of it - a story - a fairytale or fable or whatever that influences your life. There would be a lot now, when you are old enough to perceive many things. What I had to share with her was:

 "As for my story... I read a damn too lot... and still think that the books that influenced me, that bonded me to reading and writing in English forever is the most basic one. 
The Lady Bird books we were given to read from Kindergarten. 
In which Peter and Jane has someplace to go every day.
There aren't any stories in those books, but they were for language development and improving reading skills. But I still liked the nice real pictures and I liked to observe what they did. They might be visiting a farm, feeding the horses with apples, making a wooden boat or helping their mom to make a cake and better still tending to a new pet Rabbit..
But even as I read them, though I had no idea I was going to be a writer one day, I obvserved them as people and now that same thing I do, with the characters in my novel.
My affinity to western books, characters and settings began back then.
I don't clearly remember what I used to read at 7 and 8 that shaped me as a person, but there's a book that really changed my attitude and made me a better person, better daughter and lover. Summer Island by Kristin Hannah. It might be the only book that changed me even a little bit and I read it last year, not very long ago.

So may be it doesn't have to be a story at all what you read in childhood, that makes a mark in your life.

And talking about life, I went through the latest post at "I Heart Shiena : Spread the Love".
The Meaning of Life. 
It ends by defining Life from Wikipedia. After all that is what we all gotta do nowadays - Google! The Author has a point there.

Actually, people often talk about Life, so many philosophical things saying it's like this and if Life was something Alien that just descended from a UFO... LOL... 
Life is simply what we ARE... 
Life is what we have till our last breath and beat, even when we lose everything else!
Life is being you, Life is being you.
Life is
And then they say, 
"Life is a mystery, a game, a puzzle."


A mystery comes when you don't think enough... 

 A game comes when you are taking everything so seriously 
and still playing around...
 A puzzle comes when your problem-solving ability
is not efficient enough...
Then why philosophize Life? :) 
Live in the moment, and you know what life is.... 
 Oopz, now, am I the one pondering on life? ;) :D
 Well, then, there you are. This is all for today. 
Right now, I feel like playing a game of Snake & Ladder. :) Missing Childhood!
I have tried to illustrate this post to make a bit colourful. :)
Hope you enjoy my stupidities because of their naturality. :)
Love Always...
P.S. There's nothing wrong in being stupid at times, if that helps you to write a blog post. :) 


  1. Lovely post!
    I completely agree with you when you say that life is about being yourself and that we should live in the moment.

  2. Hey Sana.... Thanks for mentioning Serenity out here :) keep writing... take care... stay blessed


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