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April 24, 2011

Working on Some Changes

Hello friends,

There's no need for an apology, but I am making one anyway for a late post. One to myself, may be. It doesn't matter though I accept that it wasn't my fault. In lesser bragging words, the internet connection had been lousy. And the power had been playing. :-/ I almost tied the Internet to a tortoise, because truly, it moved faster than my connection. Today, I got back to college. Intentions are not meant to be shared publicly. Sorry.

Anyway, I am using my best friend's mini-lap and working on some changes. 
It might as well be a change to myself. I am talking about what I am doing to my website. 
Yay! I am rebuilding it into something more professional! :) It's time to keep the distinction between a blog, a blog redirected to a personal domain and a professional-looking website. Thanks to my big brother o'er there! :)

So what I have been up to these past three days will be revealed to you at
Okay, I stopped boasting, but I guess I am in love with what I am doing. :)

By the way, let me update you with what I have been doing other than rebuilding the website and going mad when the power went off frequently interrupting and hence stopping me from completing the work.
I have been carrying around the next book to read. Kristin Hannah's The Things We Do For Love. 
Seems like it's a poignant story and what, I love her! :)
But I haven't read much these days. The matter with me is, if I plan on doing something and it doesn't work out, I end up doing nothing. I don't even try to do something else to compensate the time and work load. 
And this part of me, just like my website, definitely need some changes!

How much of my time, my lifetime, my work time will I waste like this, if I don't try to change? 
So that's under work, too. 
Then, I have also been trying to write my novel, but it didn't happen, because I didn't sit down and take the pen and paper because I hadn't done what I had in my plan. 
This is the way this author is working now and it isn't very impressive or even called working, for that matter. 
I hope to get it better. 
Another problem I am facing is, my best writing comes out during a pathology lecture. And that is not fair. It might be great to have something to do when the class is so boring, but then I won't be sitting there forever! (I hope!). And I can't wait for Dr. J to take the class to write my novel. I have to do it on my own. And that is something under work, too. :)

Now, that's a lot to work on! :O But I will do it. 
By the way, the book is selling than I thought!

Meanwhile, I have written about the fourth poem in my blog here. Hope you will like it. Sometimes my articles there get philosophical but then, that's my poem sometimes. The next one will follow soon. And it is romance. The first love poem I ever wrote.
First love is always a sweet memory though I guess the guy has long ago thrown me out of any corner of his thoughts. Now let's not go to it, it was a sad story. It is called first love because it wasn't the last and because it is a memory and because it is gone... and a sad story. That's all I am going to share here, with due respect to that gentleman. ;)

Also, I am trying my hand at inspirational writing. Check out the brand new blog A Born Dreamer and tell me what you think of it. :) It is all about dreams and dreamers... :) Follow it if you like it! I intend to make it all dreamy... :)

Now let me wind up for now, or may be today. 
The work on the website is almost over. I will publish it soon and instead of the blogger interface, you will see an all writer's website. :)

Here's a pic I took last month. I tried to upload it in FB back then, but could not, due to some glitch in the net

I had to resize it to upload it faster. Guess what it is? 
It is the nest of a bird and the beautiful birdie has laid an egg with pink spots. And the birdie sits upon it and flies away to eat and bring nest building materials and repair it always. Later there were two eggs!
But that's not the interesting part. 
The nest was found on this plant inside our well. In the large well in the backyard of our house!!! Balanced on the plant. It is safe from crows and other birds who might steal the egg but below it is the deep well with water. The first flight of the nestling can land it in the water and get it killed. So we had to call someone and get the nest out of there. But it was a sad story, the nest was taken out and kept away not to attract any crows, but later when the mama bird came, she didn't find the nest in the well and flew away crying., though we had placed it out on the well's grill lid. But, she didn't see it and the bad bad crow saw it. :(

Okay then, that's it. :)
Bubye for today...

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