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May 2, 2011

Belief and Knowledge

Hello, friends, and dear ones!

I do not want to start this or any post by telling what a bad week I had, but when the week was mostly about having fights with your loved one, and being frequently disappointed, feeling left out and uncared and trying to patch up and forgive and forget, I would rather not lie to you. 
I would rather begin by saying "The past week was kinda horrendous".
Pardon me, buddies, if I have been kind of lazy and not really looking at you, I have been too preoccupied, trying to calm myself for the sake of my heart.
And when everything started to get right, I got a swollen eye. It doesn't feel great to feel that our eye is something unwanted on our faces - Yes, that's right, it's sticking out and standing out. :-/

Last week was alloted for medical camps and surveys at a town some half an hour away from our college. The camp is an annual program by the NSS (National Service Scheme) and a week-long.
I couldn't participate most of it due to errands to do, but I managed one day. And that day, on return, we stopped by the famous Kappad Beach. The place where Vasco Da Gama's Ship anchored... The first Step of the Western World to India.
The beach is beautiful, the sand a kind of yellow, a very impressive bright colour. 
The sea and the rocks had their own stories to tell and the sky was bright.
We went on a nice afternoon.
So here, I have some snaps. I have posted them on Facebook in my album. I didn't take my camera, so I had to be satisfied with my small phone's camera. But I guess, the lens was clear enough. Check them out, I will post a few here, and the rest can be seen in my photo gallery in my official website.

There were many more rocky decks like this one. 
I heard that the ships were anchored in between two such points. :)
Felt good to be at a historical place. The beach is a shooting point for films, often.

 Many of my friends got down to the sea and 
got themselves soaked up, 
but I was feeling lonely and sitting on the rock facing the sea 
and thinking of the whole problem of the week. 
I was already soaked up to my throat in the feeling of being lost.

The Waves hit the rocks with such strength, but the crabs held on, 
and the rocks just smiled... :)
 ... while I tried to smile...

Oh well, then, check out the rest of the 12 snaps here.
My eye is a lot better now, the only thing it misses is meeting his eyes. :) I hope it gets better soon so that I can go back to college.

Oh Damn... (Sorry), I totally forgot what I was deciding to write today - I just remembered the title of this post.
Belief and Knowledge - absolutely. Now where should I start?
Okay, so here's it - the quote, directly from my larder.

"Belief and knowledge are two different things. When you BELIEVE a person, he has the power to break that belief. And you may not KNOW that person. When you KNOW a person, he doesn't have the power to break that knowledge 'cause what's known is known. And you can choose what to believe when he says something."

The thought might be something that many of you might have had. But, the moment that it occurred to me is rather queer. In the midst of a row
This is a message I sent him. And he agreed it was his fault that there was a weak point in the relationship. And I am glad about one thing - that I fought for what I wanted, what I deserved from a relationship. And he is trying his best and has won me back. 
Absolutely beautifully. :)
Fight, friends - fight for Love, than anything else. 
I know, everytime I hesitated to fight, I lost.

Moments of conflicts and adjustments are the greatest teachers in life. I believe there's a lot that simple stories of love and happiness and sorrows and relationships contain as knowledge than the text books of medicine and technology. There aren't many stories to be told, except if it is some fantasy thriller. But still we go for them - why? Because we know we want to be reminded again and again. That we want to be reassured that there's a way.
The fight is in you - bring it out.
What I have to tell today and every day is this : Fight for what you deserve. The world is filled with selfish people than nice ones. 
You know it as much as I do. I find it more and more everyday. And it very much depresses me... But I don't have to lie that people are so selfless. I don't want to say it's all nice. But I believe there are specks of goodness - yes, specks are all there is, is the truth...
I am not being pessimistic, or what, discouraging, but then, this is my journal. ;) A Public one, at that!

So enough of the cloudy talk!
What do you ya have today? ;) I have another blog post coming at the Born Dreamer Blog.

By the way, I have a poem published in a blog that features new writers and interviews new authors. I will be doing an interview with the Secret Writer soon. :)

As for my writing, I have been lousy - and not writing - exactly -NOT WRITING. And I know it's not the sign of a good writer, but I will. :)
It's been ages since I wrote a poem, but anyway, I am working on preparing the manuscript of my second book The Room of Mirrors : Reflections in Words.
The novel is however waiting for me to be mentally focused. No better place to do it than the pathology lecture, which needs a change. The exams are due in a month, I guess. The first week of June. And I need to compile the list of topics taught.

And what, yes, I have given away another poem on the Debut Sail. The articles about the poems are becoming more and more personal, I think... But then I know more and more people can relate to it. Anyway, do leave comments if you like it. 
Oh well, I have been on this page for more than 2 hours. So this is all for today, may be a week. I haven't written well today, I know.
Goodnight all!


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