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"Life is often like a Poem; when you begin to perceive it, it ends. But the lucky thing is, every end is a new beginning!" - My First Quote Ever
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May 11, 2011

Just an Update

Hello friends :)

Couldn't write last week due to enough work on the website itself. Where to start or what to talk about, I don't know. So this will be quite a random post. May be I'll share a few photos. :)
Last Saturday, I got rid of the first stye - it drained and I felt so relieved and I also succeeded in suppressing an emerging one. And the week till then was totally a hellish one due to MANY reasons.

This Monday, I and some of my old friends from high school decided to meet for a drink and catch up. I was so looking forward to that one moment. And yes, I met four of my best friends ever - two girls and two boys. :) Laughing our heads out and teasing each other was one thing, but the happiness we felt were beyond any expression available. One of them is a mommy now and it was so lovely to see them all!

Being with our old friends makes us realize how much we have changed over the years. And I think I heard that I had changed for good. :D

But then again, this week seems to be becoming bad now, though I am determined to hold it together with my will. Another stye on the way and my eye is inflamed. Why the left eye again and again?!! I went to the eye clinic this evening and got the doc look at my eye. And had to crack a few bucks there. :(

Now, I have decided to relieve you people from Stye - stories. No more of it. But let me also tell you it's very notorious! :-/

So here's a clump of roses that bloomed in our garden at home. It was lovely to see them together and I captured it in my cam as soon as I went home.

Here' it from one of the angles I took. The sun shone on it and the pink was fresh. :)
How's that? Lovely? :) Well, that's for you guys.

Now to my writing:
I am in the 13th chapter of the novel. I think I was in the same chapter some posts ago, too. Right?
Well, I guess so, but then we haven't been getting Dr. J's Pathology/Microbiology/Parasitology classes often enough. ;) But I am writing it in my best form.
Another news, I am writing poetry again. Not right now, but yes, I wrote a couple of poems last week, starting from my stye.
Besides, I am moving to my website as much as I can, slowly. There's a  page in the website - The Muse Diary - for my poetry from now on. And I guess it is okay to keep it working like a blog in my professional website. Check out that tab under the "More" Tab. Or yes - Go here >>> The Muse Diary.

I hope to write poetry in my usual standard soon, though the ones on the page now are coming-back poems and not up to the perfection I want in my works. Besides, the Fan Page seems to be working good. :) 
Plainly said, People are Liking it. :D If you like me, vote it there! Isn't that a simple way of telling me? LOL.

What then, I have written the excerpt and article on the next poem - A Matter of Life. But I gotta make some changes in its appearance - and that's possible only on the home computer - why, I don't know. So you can wait until Thursday for that or read it the way it is published there now. 

My eyes are tired and I need some rest, so until the next post, I have to say Adieu now.
This is a rather short entry, isn't it?
And I do not have much philosophy to share here now.
But then, there' a new quote I thought out a few days back - I don't remember when exactly. 

"I do not like words lying here and there like stray cats... So I take them in and give them a home on Poe-tree..." :) ;)

Now, how do you like that?
So Goodnight...

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  1. Lovely write and really beautiful image!
    I loved your blog!

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