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May 25, 2011

Post-Mortem Posting V/s The Book Release Event

Hi Friends and Readers,

This is a post before I had planned actually. May be by the end of the week I may be too tired to say a Hi. So what's going on out there? :) I got my friend's laptop last night, so I am here, writing you a Hi. :)
This week is going to be hectic - it's always hectic when it's about me, isn't it? LOL. 
I am one girl who doesn't know how to relax and I am sure it's going to take a toll on me sooner or later, I am afraid.
Okay, I will try to keep up my looks. I am not doing great in that department right now. Am glad photos are fixed and they don't change when we do. ;)

I had forgotten to mention that last Sunday, I watched the Sandra Bullock Movie 'The Proposal' and what, I Loved it! :) Sandra is a good sport in that movie, and please don't laugh at me when I say, there are some quite, touching parts in the movie. Yeah, I almost was in tears in some shots though there was a considerable amount laughs I had. :) If you like perfect romantic comedies (I do!), this one is a good bet. :) I also liked the cute grandma in it. :) LOL. And Ryan Reynolds (Andrew Paxton in the movie) is absolutely cool! :) xoxoxo

Look at me, it's not like I talk about movies a lot here - is it? Sometimes I gotta do that, too. :)

So what I am up to this week:

On Thursday, a group of us, the first batch including me, will be taken to the Medical College for the Post-Mortem posting included in our Forensic Medicine and Toxicology subject. And a whole day of Autopsies. Poisoning cases can be damn stinking!
Eww... it's going to be friggin' awesome, isn't it? 
I hope none of throws up. 

Man is such a slight and helpless creature - all the arrogance can dissolve at the sight of an autopsy. All your grandeur and high-heads lasts only till your last breath... When the forensic pathologists and docs scoop blood from the opening in the viscera and drain the cups into a basin, we know, there's nothing to be arrogant about for being a human...

Oh, wow - didn't like what I said above? Put up with that, please. :)
Next comes Friday!
Friday, the 27th - Felicia... Out-of-This-World Moments!

The Inauguration of Academic and Entertainment wing of our college is being held on Friday and as a part of it, my book is going to be released officially.
And I am high-strung, OH... LORD!!!!

A renowned writer/reviewer has read and reviewed my book and it will be read out by him during the release function. And I damn don't know what the review is. The guys said that he was in love with my book - which is quite difficult for me to believe. I would have to hear that from himself. 
Anyway, he has said that he is so surprised and can't believe that I wrote the book (Yeah, we have met once and talked when I gave him a copy to review.). He might not have expected much romance and passion in my writing when he saw my appearance - this is why I say : 

"Don't believe people the way they look to you.
 Believe people the way they look at you." ;)

Anyway, the conclusion he drew out from my poetry, after reading it thoroughly is that it's so painful and the writer has much mental stress.
"That girl is not normal," he had said, said the guys.
And I was awed. 
Not particularly about what he had found, but at the fact that he had found the truth. :)
But then, hey, writers out there! Who is normal? 
Which friggin' respected writer is NORMAL of all the things a human can be??? :) ;)
I think that's what writers fail at - Being Normal.

What makes me nervous and lose my appetite is that I will have to give a reply speech after his review. And my heart jumps to my throat at the very mention of it! May be it's because it's my first book event and because it's my first time on stage because of me. 
May be I will get used to it, because my leadership qualities and voice are not pathetic. I can talk good enough.
But it's the stage - the stage that gives me the tremors. But then, I know I am not the only one. I might get over it fast. I just have to be a bit more confident about myself. Sure about my looks - yes, I am very conscious about how my mouth looks when I speak. It's funny because I have often received the best comments for my lips and now I am saying that I am conscious about how my mouth looks when I speak. Funny, but you all will have something you are damn conscious about. :P And am glad that to me it's not about my built or hair. Just my stupid mouth. :D

I am preparing the speech and I will post the review and the speech here, if I get the review. Otherwise the speech alone is fine. My mom says I can just prepare a speech and read it on the stage - which is just as fair because even the Presidents read what their men write for them. She has a reason for everything.

And I have one point in the speech to share.
Many readers and friends have asked me why my writing was so sad, why the poems were so painful and desperate. I have only one reply:
Every poem is a photograph of my soul at the moment of writing it. And most are sad because, I write the person I am, instead of being the person I would love to write about. :)
And also remember, the book is me. At the same time, the book is each one of you, regardless of who writes, who reads and who do neither...

So, now what, I enjoyed writing this post. :) 
Another post is up at the Debut Sail. 
The next poem - With Tears of Grief is explained there shortly. 
Again despair, isn't it? It is a poem from a lifetime ago. Another lifetime... Now, I don't actually write much poetry because I am not sad. And it used to be an outlet when I was sad. So you get the relation. :) But the poem The Girl and The Butterfly is somewhat a reflective poem that highlights the innocence and wonders of childhood. Like I said, it was stimulated by a picture - and does well alone without the picture, too, I guess. :)

The novel is in the 15th chapter and I will finish it today and end the Part 1 for good. :) Then it will be resumed after my exams, might write in between if I am bold enough. The 2nd part needs some better focus to avoid any mistakes. :) Hope the exams go by soon and fine. 
It's time for me to leave now. See you on the weekend and will write about this week's escapades if I'm good and alive. :)

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