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"Life is often like a Poem; when you begin to perceive it, it ends. But the lucky thing is, every end is a new beginning!" - My First Quote Ever
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May 30, 2011

The Two Dream Moments!!!

Hi there,
As promised, here I am, with the photos! :) With the earliest snaps I could gather! Now, that's way too fast, huh?
I got them from my friend's phone unexpectedly! Thanks to Aneesh Mohan, my friend and classmate, for these clicks. :)

Seems like the lower half of the photo is clearer than the upper.
But that's okay, my stye (yes, a new one) can't be seen!
This is the moment of the book release!

From Left to Right:
From Left to Right: Sri. U.A. Khader (National Academy Award Winning Writer), Me, Sri: Venkitachalam (Critic and Translator), Dr. Anila Kumari (Principal, GHMC Calicut)

The Moment I dreaded most... but one that became one of those unforgettable moments in my life...
The first time I spoke as an author... :)

So these are the photos I have now. If I get anymore, will sure share it here. :)
So I am in a bit of hurry. The second year has come to an end and it is exam time.
By the way, I finished Part 1 of the novel. It will be resumed after the exams, hopefully...
Monsoon is on, now... :) Once again, it's raining and raining... It's time to curl in the bed under the quilt and sleep in the lullaby of the rain... :) Oh, how I love the inevitable romance of the rain!!! :)
Let me share a Monsoon poem here... Monsoon Blues is a poem from my book and I wrote it last year, if I remember right.

It's raining once again,
And I know it's the monsoon blues;
I want to die in the rain...

The cold is getting into each bone,
But still, I want to stand in the rain;
The monsoon blues are not gone...

The inevitable romance is haunting,
I want to sleep in the lullaby
Of the romance and the rain's chanting...

It's the warmth of your heart I felt
That makes me love you more,
Not the 'we-could've shared' quilt...

But I realize my heart's rues
Of suppressing the love as platonic;
It's not just the monsoon blues...


So guys, goodnight for today, it's raining and there's huge thunder and lightening and the power's gone. I better be gone now. Or we'll not see again.

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