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"Life is often like a Poem; when you begin to perceive it, it ends. But the lucky thing is, every end is a new beginning!" - My First Quote Ever
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July 10, 2011

Living One's Dreams - Baring My Heart a Bit

Hello, dear people!
I guess it's been a long time? Oh, well, I don't know how things actually are going, but I have a vague feeling that sometimes it's so... well, you know... like, I don't know what's going on.
Now, that was crazy... LOL.! :)
Well, I will tell you what has been happening.
The exams were planned to happen, but they haven't been.
Writing was meant to happen, and I began the flashback in the book - Part 2 - but that isn't happening either. well, I wrote three sheets. But that was it.
Studies were about to happen, but the right mood didn't - well, never did - happen.

Sorry, that was a list of what all were meant to happen, but didn't.
This isn't the kind of writer you expect or blog post you wanna read. But how about if I say I am a bit depressed these days? Someone told me it was a heavy word and not to use it - ever. Wait! Who said that to me? I - I can't remember! :-/ oh, hang on!!! 

Okay, I got a beautiful message from my best friend at school and following that we had a long chat and it was wonderful to go back. You will never know, you know... 
So, there she was telling me that I proved the message. Something like living the life we dream...etc etc... Okay, she thought of me first when she received that message.
I thought of it in a different way...

Here's a writer, a poet, opening to you, her heart. Bare. 
A basket-case of insecure feelings and thoughts. I am not even sure what I am intending to tell you. I am not sure if I should be telling you this. Right now, I don't want to say out loud, what the person behind this pen-name is.
The only thing I could perfectly give an account of might be my imperfections.
But again, it's my dreams that kept me going.
That might be the umpteenth time I am saying that. About dreams carrying me through. 
And I said: to me, "Living the life I dream is running away from the life I am given..." and when I think of it, that is what I am doing every moment. Isn't it? The answer is, sadly, yes.

This post is too depressing to be coming from a writer, but I think there are more people in the world who can relate to the sadness and remember that they are not alone, than those who can be uplifted by some fake inspiring words - words that I say but I myself don't follow. 

That's enough for thought. Right?

Yesterday, while sitting in the bus heading home, I was thinking. And something struck me as interesting.
I have got a theme to write a psychological fiction. And I have also plans to co-author it with my best friend. :) 
Hoping to plot it out in a few days. Well, this week, I am starting my 3rd year at college. :) And that will be a lot of things to do.
And lastly, I am not at all writing poetry nowadays. So stuck... :(
May be I should start searching for a publisher for my new book. :)
This was just a post to say a dull hi. I haven't come up with anything interesting, I know.
I am in an emotional breakdown nowadays. Will catch up soon, hopefully. 
I am actually surprised I am able to type ":)" at places.
So bye for today. 


  1. Hii Sana..
    Good to hear from u.
    Such days when you feel out of wit are part of life... but don't worry thing swill change.

    Looking forward to that psychological thriller.

  2. Hi Sana....


    writing makes a perfect person.


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