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"Life is often like a Poem; when you begin to perceive it, it ends. But the lucky thing is, every end is a new beginning!" - My First Quote Ever
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September 15, 2011

Love and Sense

Hello everyone!

It's actually surprising sometimes what we find to talk about, just out of the blue. :)
And today, what I thought might be something to think of is the quote I shared yesterday.
Yes, you already know it - about Love and Sense. :)

"Who says Love has no sense? Love has the greatest sense in the world. It's a divine matter. The truth is, when love comes, nothing else makes sense. And then people say Love has no sense, it's blind and mute..." 

A friend happened to tell me something like love has no sense - that it is blind, and the closer we get to a person, we understand them less, and the lesser we see their faults. Is that so? I simply disagree. :)

Yet some others think it's an extension of some inherent insanity within us. I feel it's far-fetched since for Love, I can find only one definition.
Love is An Extension of Divinity Through Us.

And I definitely don't think that Love has many faces. Love has many forms, but faces? And the faces people claim happen to be - that it starts with a smile, care and trust and ends with tears and betrayal. How wrong, how simply wrong is that assumption, for True Love never Ends. Does it?

How can we say Love ends with cheating, when true love and cheating are two different things? Any thing's end comes from itself... As for Love, doesn't it remain in us, even when we are left behind, as a small part of our past? That's not the matter here anyway. As a friend said, if they keep all its precious things in tact, my thought is right. But when they don't keep its precious things well and make a bond like bloody hell, does it make my quote wrong? 

"Love is never to be blamed
For what you are ashamed..."
-S.R. (written just now)

When love is said to have lost its magic, think again - is it Love that lost the magic? Or is it your beliefs and conducts? The latter, right? The fault rests with us, not Love.

Love is a divine matter and divinity never goes wrong... :) 

So, that's for thought. Now let's move on to the Writer's status.

I wrote a significant amount of the novel yesterday evening. Typed out 22 pages in the Word document from the newsprint paper I had used to write. I also took some time to get some facts right from my Goan friend who is helping me with the setting of Goa Medical College. And I feel better after getting the precise information. He sure knows how to tell me what I need. :) Thank you, Sid...!

And yes, I have typed the chapter 7, too, into the manuscript file today. My typing is getting better and am comfortable with it, except for my back may be. But in the end of the day, I feel I have done something today. :) It is such a great feeling. 
I am kinda in a trance lately, literally living with Noah, Selena, and others, in 1997... And when I step into that world Amidst Sandcastles, nothing else really hits me hard except the waves of imaginations.

So are you really ready for the next chapter? Yes, Chapter 5 that is. Let me know if you are. The plot is getting tighter, isn't it? But still I think my writing is so simple in language. I would really like to know if it sets the right mood and you want to continue reading it. 

Hmmm.. Not feeling much poetic now, have got work to do. Isn't there always?
I went to class today till noon. And listened attentively. When everything goes smoothly, things get better in a way we don't count. Though I admit that I really do feel I have had enough of college sometimes. But still the thought of being a doctor pulls me back to where I sit - in the last bench in the classroom. At least, I am there...

So much for being a medical student. I must say that though the college I am in is one of the best in our field, the academics and faculties are getting poorer. And I do have some worries over it. But, again, I find a place to resort to - pen and paper... Where I sort out things better than in life... And where I write for my characters what I myself can't have or do. Where I give some trouble to my characters to solve, so that I am not the only troubled person. Where, as i have always planned, life would be fair in the end, no matter what happens in between... 

Where, I find myself hidden in bunches of words being scribed about others... 

Poetry is a different case though. :)

By the way, I have a friend's book to share. It's titled Silent Moments of Melancholy. Amol Redij is an IT professional from Mumbai, India and this is his debut book. You can find his blog here.


I have plans to write a review for this book and as far as I have read, it's a good one, coming from an IT professional. :) Of course, Melancholy and lots of broken heart material, but it's human - that's what it is. Not mechanical, it's human with emotions that are not hidden or edited - the poet sure feels a lot of the things we can relate to. :) Try it - a word from a poet. :)

What else? There it goes - I mean time. I have to do a little more work and then I am off to pray and sleep. Today I have worked. I also watched a movie - Salt 'n' Pepper - a new Malayalam movie. And I like its direction and dialogues. Good work, that is. Basically a love story, but a different one. A good standard movie with standard humour.
But today didn't have that magic that is there usually. 

How would there be that magic when we miss a person even while he is sitting beside us?

Do not feel discerned, but everyone please check how your love life is going on, every now and then. :) Just so things are updated always. :) Mine is passing a slight hump now and it's not that finely paved, but it can be put up with.

Oh, well, it's just me - the Sana Rose, a Romance poet. ;) No, I didn't get it wrong, did I?

 No one can put up with my ideas of being in love - well, not always. But I prefer it, though.


P.S. Just wanted to remind you that I have a published book of 70 poems, The Torrent from My Soul : Poems of A Born Dreamer, and its cover happens to look like this:

Now, you might find this crude or even funny, but I find this as "not being fancy", if you know what I mean. :D

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  1. You are right Sana Rose. True love never ends even though sometimes two people in true love do not travel on the same path for long. After you've felt the touch of true love, nothing less compares or will do. For most people true love happens only once or twice in a lifetime. For some, those who are especially lucky, (or unlucky depending on your point of view) feel its touch many times in a lifetime.


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