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"Life is often like a Poem; when you begin to perceive it, it ends. But the lucky thing is, every end is a new beginning!" - My First Quote Ever
"Life is too precious to be just hanging around in it, too good to be just sleeping through most of it, and too passionate to be just thinking about it...... So, I WRITE..." ~ Sana Rose

September 5, 2011

Some Things from Here 'n' There...

Hello and hello and hello dear ones! 

Three hellos for this is the third time I am logging in to write a blog post. The other times, I got carried away with something or got interrupted with our always wonderful Internet connection! So here I am today, to share some tidbits and some snapz. :) Nothing you haven't already heard from me, as I keep updating "What's on my mind?" every now and then. :)

So what is up and running around you? Don't answer me with "Cats and Dogs". For Cats aren't necessarily running around always.
Let's see what the Feline Hero of the GHMC Ladies' Hostel was upto last weekend. ;)

He is two feet long - tall, saying humanwise. And walks royally around, when he visits His Ladies. He's the daddy cat starring in my poem When the Kitten Meets His Dad.

Here's the King Felis non-domestica. Non-domestica, for we don't entertain his presence at our hostel. What doesn't make him adorable is that he doesn't keep his coat clean. But he isn't shy to settle himself in our beds conducting the materials on his coat to our sheets, in case we forgot to close a window, or left the door ajar. 
His progeny and their mothers aren't different, they are more often the ones who do this.

So here he is:

King Felis non-domestica

This time, he has found a stashed pillow just outside our room. It was dark and I shot the pic with flash to get him in it. Seems like he didn't like the flash - see the squeezed eyes? LOL. But he didn't move even a centimeter! 

Not to mention this hostel is a dingy place that stinks of cat's urine and unknown things.

I shouldn't have started with the cat tale. But I wanted to share the pic as soon as possible, LOL. Never mind, just me. :)

This post was not meant to be a photo session, but sometimes, they speak better, I guess. Especially when I am at a loss for words quite uneventfully. 

The fasting moth of Ramadan slipped away so fast, and I am afraid I haven't used it very well, due to the very much despised exams from the beginning through the end. So guess what, I was in a very a relaxed state when the exams were finally over on 25th. 
In between, I turned 23 and I didn't know what to think of being 23. I could only be amused at the fact that how swiftly time was elapsing, how fast years were moving. I look to the future and I see - what do I see? 
What am I s'posed to see?
From where I stand now - a student, a writer, aspiring and dreaming of more covers with my name on it, a fiancée...?

I'm at a loss when I think, so I put the thoughts to rest and decide to continue being what I am now, and if something changes, I would accept it. I wouldn't want my heart to falter from that decision, but when I look back, there's a lot I did. But there's a lot I didn't do, too. There's a lot I couldn't make up to... A lot I did wrong. 
It's been ten years since I first began to write. And I find myself praying that however old I grow, I wouldn't lose my mind... Or my precious memories...

There's a reason I am talking about this now. I read The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. Just finished it today morning.
It's such a beautiful bittersweet story that warms our hearts and eyes alike...and make you love yours more... and make you want to be loved more... It's a poetically woven love story that teaches, only love remains to give you memories when you are grey and old and alone...

I see clouds rolling in... caressing the mountains in the distance...

This is a view across the road, from our front yard. 

The Notebook is a simple love story, but so aesthetically told. And I loved each word of love that Noah tells Allie, and each reason for everything they shared written by Allie and the notebook in which Noah wrote their story to read to Allie when she is too ill, being an Alzheimer's patient and forgets even him... Their love is a beauty, friends. Read the book, you will know what living is worth, and how much love could mean in the end... And how much even a long time together would seem so little when you look back when you are old...

Never let go of your heart's love, please never do... And I am happy I met mine and held on... But even that seems so slight when I think of the story I read... 
Noah waiting for a bout of memory from Allie... for a moment that she would call him "Noah..." in rare moments of remembering... Even when he is 80 and she is 78... The same romance they share in their second childhood, that they shared at 17 and 15 respectively...  

As I read the last pages, warm tears welled up and I caught them with my finger. The story got sewed to my heart, just like that. First Love, falling in love over and over again with the same person every day... Love is beauty's home...  

Okay, have said enough about reading. Now about writing, chapter three has been published. The earlier chapters are linked at the end of that page. :)

Here goes the previous links:

Let me know what you think of my fiction writing. :)

I haven't yet resumed the novel. In between I am having many things running in my mind. I am just not getting started with it though I am getting much positive feedback. May be I am just tired... trying to sit back and enjoy the world whizzing by... but yet can't bear to miss my part in it...and just be a watcher... I seldom rest, I realize...

The Clouds roll in again, for the next downpour... It doesn't know I can't stay in always... 

Now to events, there was an Onam celebration at college and competitions between batches. And my batch - the Kitez - won the first in flower carpet competition - the main item before the Onam Lunch. :) Cheerz!!!
Here's the beauty!

Stage One

Stage Two


Oopz, I just lost a dozen bucks from my phone balance when my Internet package expired. Didn't know it was past midnight! So let me go to bed now, but not before giving you dear people a rose... :) A Rose from A Rose!

Up Close and Personal... :)
 And yeah, I am holding it...

And Some More...

Can you take a few more...? ;) ohh...just take it, bear me...just this once... :)

Today's Thought from My Heart:

"Love can never be failed and Love never fails you... 
You just fail to realize it at the right time,
when it knocks on your heart's door.."

Goodnight everyone... 

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