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"Life is often like a Poem; when you begin to perceive it, it ends. But the lucky thing is, every end is a new beginning!" - My First Quote Ever
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October 8, 2011

Happiness and 'Love Beyond Words'...

Hola, Buddies! 
I don't have any idea why I am constantly on the lookout for a story. Not to read, but to write. And I want to write many of them. And see them in your hands... This takes me back to my yesterday's quote:

"Happiness is just a dream away..."

There sure is no doubt about that, is there? Everything is just a dream away. And what the dream comprises is what makes each thing different, easy to achieve or difficult, possible or impossible, depending on the person. But the simple fact is that, every person is capable of realizing his dreams. Whether they do it or not is upto them. 

There's this invisible relation between the capability of a person and his range of thinking. Dreams referred to here are not and never the subconscious visions we see during the sleep, but the ones we are able to form when we are conscious and in control of our thoughts.

So, I said this quote (Happiness is just a dream away...) in my FB status and in my page, too. 
And a friend asked, "What's happiness? I felt happiness through satisfaction. If happiness stays as a dream, what's life?"

So, remember what I just said about dreams? And so, I answered him this way:

"A dream is NOT meant to be kept as a dream. It is meant to be fulfilled, achieved and made come true... So, you dream of what makes you happy, seek it, follow the dream and work on it and work FOR it and make it come true! And in the end, satisfaction comes and you are happy. That is what makes 'Happiness is JUST a dream away...'!"
I definitely didn't say it's an easy path, that it's just a matter of sitting back in your rocking chair, watching the world pass by, doze off and dream... It is work, to some it may be freeware. But not to many. Not to ANY would be more truth. 

That should do for today's thought. :)
Let's move on to how I am working on my dreams right now. Well, not much, but I am doing, one at a time. :)
Meanwhile, today, I noted down some new ideas that came into my head. I have another story to tell - about a Love beyond Words. :) 

About a beautiful bond between a school teacher and a little boy... about remembering a forgotten childhood and forgotten dreams... And sweet love... I happen to have decided the name of characters and main outline. :) It just tumbled out of me...

That's it for now, just a zygote! :D

So there, enough for today, right? I am off to work on something. And I have two new movies to watch this week. :) I am looking forward to it! See you all later, with some new stuff and thoughts. :)

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  1. Dream and Dream, also work for success...


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