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"Life is often like a Poem; when you begin to perceive it, it ends. But the lucky thing is, every end is a new beginning!" - My First Quote Ever
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October 1, 2011

A Weekend Note, A Beautiful Mind, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset...

So, hello, what are y'all upto this weekend? :) I am smiling, you know. 
I do, most of the time, in my mind. 
So last post began with this Musical basin. It still sings. And I admit that we are coming to hate its noise.
Other than that, all's well. 

A rose with raindrops from mother's garden. Today's Hello.

So I was just thinking what to write - I knew I had these movies to write about. Yeah, you know, I am a bit taken to watching a few movies these days, just to observe the story telling, the settings, just to know how things are moving when a story unfolds before our eyes. And I got to watch three awesome movies this week. :) Awesome? Well, yeah, a lot better than many.

A Beautiful Mind, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.
Day before yesterday, I watched A Beautiful Mind. It's based on a true story. May be some slight variations for the sake of making it a great movie. It was about the struggle of a Schizophrenic patient. The thing is, he was the '94 Nobel Prize Winning Mathematician - Dr. John Nash. And the movie was so well portrayed that when we realize that he is Schizophrenic, we are totally aghast! Some debates and controversies have been heard about some things being wrong in the movie. But after all, movie isn't entirely the real life, even if we tried our best to adapt it.
The movie was well shot, to be short. And the actors were just great!

Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are sequels and let me describe it in three words. It's a "Cute Love Story". It has no end. It focuses on the just two people - An American guy Jesse Wallace and a French Girl Celine. And what's interesting in this movie apart from the fact that they both form a cute couple is their conversation. They cover a wide array of topics when they just walk around and spend a night together... A lot of brilliant thoughts. And fun, too.
And so on, I can't describe the film, you gotta watch it.
Before Sunset - its sequel, I watched today. It's set 9 years later, when Author Jesse Wallace is on a book tour and Celine comes to the book store he was doing an interview while he was in Paris. And you know, they talk about the past 9 years they have been away and about how their plan to meet in Vienna 6 months after they had said goodbyes 9 years ago had gone wrong.
It was sad. But in the midst of all the sadness, they joke a lot... A Damn LOT! And it's so good to just sit back and enjoy their conversations. Some so really meaningful and thoughtful... 
I loved it, I just loved being with them. And it's so sweet to know that he wrote the book about his meeting a French girl, based on their time together, just to find her again, on the off chance she hears about the book or reads it. It worked.

And so that is it. I have another movie with me - just got it today, The Reader. Starring Kate Winslet and she got herself some awards for this movie's role. Again, it's based on a book named The Reader. 
Most of the best movies I have watched happen to be adaptations of books. So it gives a reason for me to watch them however.

I am not easily led to watch a movie, mind you. :)

So, what else - I have been reading Luanne Rice's Beach Girls. Moving fine.
And I have been trying to write - did a little.
Didn't go home today, as most of next week are holidays. So I stuck around just so I would be a bit away from the fuss at home. And I want to get back to writing. I am really pissed off that I am not doing it much. 

By the way - the second year results were published today and I and my guy have made it again! We passed all four papers and I can't believe that I did. Because I am a lousy student ever since I joined this college. I don't know if I would have been more serious if I were somewhere else. But this is as good a place to be a writer, a good one at that. ;) And I have been focusing more on writing, rather than studies. Somehow it helped me cope up with the monotonous life here at this college. If there is something I would miss about this college when I leave, it's only a few things. The trees in a row where friends share and joke, lovers find comfort in silence and small talks... where I have cried quite a few times over the past three years... It's the diabetic corner. I will share a pic of that place in the next post, okay? :) It's so nice. Named Diabetic Corner for the sweet things that happen there. :)

So, let me see what I am gonna do tonight. Just want to have a nice night's sleep. I am alone in my room today. But that's okay. But before that, I am gonna try something - fixing a Facebook like button in blog posts. So you guys can just click it to show you like it - now that's dumb - what else is it for, yeah? :D Sorry...
There aren't many comments here anyway. People are lazier to check out blog posts even when I share the link. But let me say - I have no interesting thing to share may be... But I can't help it, can I? I am doing the same things every day. The only things that change are my thoughts. Which are coming to a fixed point, too.

Okay, the latest mail I got from my website was someone asking in which context poets see to life and how do they manage. I am surprised he asked ME. And at what he asked. 
There isn't much I can say, I think. For I am not a great poet. I am just another poet. It's you readers who describe me - whether I am a different one or just another poet.
What do you say?

Anyway, I gave him a short reply about part of his question - about the context.

Well, poets, like all artists don't see life or anything in the linear manner.
Does it make sense - what I just told? 
Let me make it clear: is there a context in viewing life - a context that's specific to poets?
I guess not.
May be there is something more to it. Everyone of us view life with an attitude that we cultivated over the years we have had.
The experiences that we had make us who we are, in a way.
But whatsoever the experiences be, in the long run of life, we are still who we used to be.
We seldom change, am I right? So it's not about the poet's view.
Poets see to life with passion, may be a bit more than ordinary people.
But we can't say that all passionate people are poets.
Neither can we say that those who are not poets can't be passionate about life.
Nor can we say that all poets are passionate about life... (Some used to be suicidal, in fact.)
It's how one takes it that matters, isn't it?

That's it. SO have a nice weekend and Wonderful Sunday, everyone. I am off the hook for today. ;)

May be you would like a picture. Try this:

This is crazy, I know. 
But everything doesn't have to make sense always.
What does the texture of the pic suggest?
That it's an ancient sketch or something?
Quit that thought.
It only suggests that my phone's camera sucks in candle light.
Yeah, at times, please do think just superficially. 
It helps to simplify problems. :)
This was taken on a candle reading during exam time. 
The power went off, and in order to make the moment better,
I and my roommates had some time with the camera in the dark. :)

So Goodnight!!!

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